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Decatur, located east of Atlanta, is a short drive away and has 3 rapid transit stations located within the city. Known as the MARTA, or the Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. This is more like a subway system which makes getting around the city very convenient. Decatur is considered an in town suburb of Atlanta and refuses to go away.  It’s a diverse community and is even older than Atlanta.  Its a great residential city, and overall a wonderful place to call home.

Northern Decatur has been constructed an odd fashion compared to other cities in the area. If you checking out apartments in Decatur, you will soon realize that there are 3 different commercial centers that lie on the outside of the city, while residential construction takes up the majority of the interior. Does this make a lot of sense to you?

How much should you set said for apartments in Decatur

The good news about renting, Decatur apartments are extremely affordable. This is nice when your watching your pennies. You can secure 1 bedroom apartments in the $600 range. If you want something state of the art and newer, you could spend upwards of at least $1000. and even higher There is nothing new or tricky here about renting a place. Newer Decatur apartments will almost always cost more than something with age, and you will pay for upgrades and the latest features and amenities. If your looking to rent Decatur apartments in the downtown area, you will have your choice of regular flats, lofts, and high rise apartments.

If your not a fan of downtown Decatur apartments, there are plenty of suburban rentals including single family homes and townhouses.

If you decide to move to the area, there is so much to do. There is the DeKalb Farmer’s Market, where you can get almost any type of food you desire. A drive in movie theatre provides a version of how people used to watch movies. And your just beginning to scratch the surface. Downtown is pedestrian friendly and there are plenty of popular destinations including a plethora of nightlife, retailers, and theaters. Did you know that Decatur boasts an extremely low crime rate. Just be sure to keep your doors locked and your valuables out of site. That’s the number 1 rules in preventing a car break-in. So we ask you, whats not to love about Decatur.

Decatur apartments come in a variety of different sizes and with many different choices. If you plan on bringing pets with you, there are many pet friendly apartments in Decatur that will be extremely suitable for your pets. Decatur Ga apartments boast several community amenities like state of the art fitness centers and resort style swimming pools.  inside Decatur apartments, you will discover washer/dryers, granite counters, and stainless steel appliances. And with a plethora of festivals, you can always find something new to do.

Browse through our list of Decatur apartments below. You will have a wide choice of options at your finger tips. And when you decide to apply, remember to have all of your documents in order, and of course your payment for the application, administration fee and deposit.

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