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Living in Douglasville certainly has its advantages. Apartments in Douglasville certainly have a lot to offer and your only minutes away from Downtown Atlanta. The city has a large amount of communities to choose from and they come in all different shapes and sizes. Find Douglasville apartments for rent with lots of amenities like a business center and resort style pool, or one that has assigned parking. Be sure to read our apartment guide to receive up to the date leasing info about leasing.  Rentkidz features a list of deals and articles about how to rent Douglasville GA apartments fast.

Douglasville is another suburb of Atlanta, and its really a smaller town that numbers around 30 thousand residents. It’s about 20 miles to the west side of Atlanta, and put it about the same distance as many of the other suburbs that surround this large metropolitan area in the southeast. It’s provides a small town atmosphere. If your not into congestion, and the hustle and bustle of a large city, this may be the destination for you. But if you think there isn’t any entertainment here, thing again. It does provide plenty of entertainment for the entire family. Visit the Maint Street Farmer’s Market or enjoy one of the many popular Downtown restaurant destinations.

If you choose to become a residents in the apartments in Douglasville, you will experience what its like to be in a caring community. The city has a couple different programs that help to keep the city beautiful and a wonderful place to live. So whether you want to rent a townhome, condo, or apartment in Douglasville, you can expect a clean place to call home.  These programs really prevent pollution and littering which can deteriorate a city.

What to do in Douglasville

Renting Douglasville apartments sure does have its advantages. There is quick access to about everything you could ever need. From here you can have access to numerous stores, retailers, and boutiques. The Arbor Place Mall is a great place to start. And if you enjoy eating out, Douglasville has myriad restaurants that are sure to feed your appetite. Enjoy barbecue and even Cajun food. Its the perfect place for an entire family. Living here is awesome. It has that southern charm and hospitality that so many people talk about.

There really isn’t anything to complicated when it comes to renting apartments in Douglasville GA. It’s not to big of a town, so it won’t be too hard to narrow down your apartment selections. Just be sure you have all of your standard paper work with you like references, pay-stubs, and a method of payment for your deposit and application fee. Many Douglasville apartments are pet friendly. Apartments might have pet restrictions, so be sure and ask any questions of your leasing agent.

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