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Long before Chattanooga and Atlanta, a small civilization called Marietta existed. Complete with a long and rich history, Marietta was formed in the early 1820s. Today Marietta is a thriving community thats only about 20 miles from Atlanta. With a variety of opportunity and lots of local flavor, this is a very popular place to rent apartment homes today.

Marietta GA is one of Atlanta’s largest suburbs and showcases some trendy restaurants and entertainment destinations, which are just two reasons why Marietta apartments have become extremely popular. Marietta is home to a wide variety of attractions including Marietta’s town square. This section of town includes special shops and many different restaurants to choose from. Many people describe Marietta as a city that offers spectacular amenities while preserving small town values.

Searching for Marietta apartments is so easy and the city just lies a short distance from Atlanta, GA. There are a number of excellent schools that rank in the top percentages in the entire state. Many renters with families will be happy to know that living in Marietta apartments will allow their children to get a quality education.
Also, with a close proximity to Kennesaw Mountain, there are numerous trails that are great for hiking and biking. And with astonishing views of nearby Stone Mountain, and nearby parks, residents really to get to enjoy something special.

Remember that this is the south, so its going to be super hot! Be sure to secure those Marietta apartments with a swimming pool, a refreshment center, and most of all, air conditioning systems that work. If you plan on driving, get used to congestion and long commute times, especially if your going to Atlanta on a daily basis. If you plan on traveling, the airport is busy, busy!

Marietta apartments are nestled north of Atlanta and boasts a stimulating environment and friendly atmosphere. Apartments in Marietta include generous floor plans and world class amenities. A variety of shopping destinations and progressive businesses can be found in Marietta. And many new construction developments are in the works.

But it’s all about what you desire. Do you want apartments that are brand new, with all the bells. Or are you looking for Marietta apartments that are adjacent parks and trails. Maybe you just want something affordable, and your looking to save some money on your rent each month. The good news is that there is something for everyone.

Here are some popular neighborhoods that you might consider.

Downtown Marietta offers you everything you might need. If your a students, it’s close to many colleges in the area. There is plenty of dining options, shopping, and lots of entertainment. If you haven’t spent much time in the south, you sure will encounter plenty of souther charm.

There aren’t a lot of public apartment complexes, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find a nearby private rental. Many older buildings have been converted to loft apartment friendly spaces. If you decide on a loft, expect features like original concrete flooring, walls composed of existing brick, and soaring ceilings. It’s perfect for younger professionals and students. It’s not ideal for families or those thinking about starting one in the near future.

Be sure to use our Marietta apartment finder to search for deals in the area. Come see what these Marietta GA apartments have to offer you.

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