Apartments in Clear Lake TX

Located southeast of Downtown Houston and offer entertainment for the entire family. The area features Space Center Houston that is located on Nasa Road 1.
Clear Lake city is a master-planned community and the second largest in Houston behind Kingwood. The community is adjacent to aerospace companies-such as Boeing and Lockheed-Martin. Clear Lake apartments offer superb amenities and offers new construction at a decreased price compared to the the urban centers of Houston; which is one reason why people prefer this area compared to other locations around Houston.

Traffic Around Clear Lake apartments

Many tenants commute toward Downtown Houston using I-45. While traffic can sometimes be intense, the drive is well worth it considering what this area has to offer. No other location around Houston is within minutes of a stunning Lake. Many properties are practically right on the lake. You will need your own vehicle to get around town. There is a bussing system and you should check routes and schedules.

Students around the area attend Clear Creek Independent School District and the University of Houston is the prominent college.(even though the majority of it is part of Pasadena).  The city lies on the North side of the lake while League City lies on the south side of the lake. Apartments in Clear Lake TX offer stunning amenities like garden size tubs and state of the art fitness centers. Clear Lake apartments are being constructed at an extremely fast pace due to decreasing vacancies. 

The temperate Clear Lake climate is conducive to shorts and t-shirts almost year round. And there are plenty of waterfront resorts that include spas and resort style pools. If boating and fishing is your thing, then you will fee right at home. And in any town such as this, you will find a plethora of restaurants and eateries. This is Texas after all, you can eat barbecue till your hearts content. Not to mention the immaculate system of walking and hiking trails. There is an outdoorsman in you, why not take advantage what’s right outside your doorstep. And don’t forget to visit the Kemah boardwalk, which boasts restaurants, entertainment, and carnival rides for the entire family.

How To Find Apartments in Clear Lake TX

Before you begin your search for Clear Lake apartment search, take a quick moment to review our Clear Lake apartment finder. You will be happy to see a list of apartments that boast several conveniences like on-site fitness centers and resort style pools. Many new apartments have bene constructed and will surely meet your needs. From granite counters to tall ceilings in the living areas, you get it all. Our locators will offer lots of valuable information regarding rental rates,  management and much more. You might prefer private Clear Lake rentals. If that’s the case check the local periodicals and keep your eyes peeled for private apartments as you tour the area. The good news, 1 bedroom apartments are extremely affordable. You might find apartments that go for $550.

For those of you searching for apartments that offer an exciting lifestyle with plenty of activity and who want to be near a large urban center, Clear lake is for you.

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