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Another fast growing city in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex is Frisco. Located about 25 miles away from both Dallas airports, and along the Dallas North Tollway, this is another large community located away from the big urban centers. It serves as a sort of home base upon which many renters and homeowners commute back and forth from both Dallas and Fort Worth.

If your not familiar with Frisco, you will be glad to know it gets plenty of sunlight. Frisco averages around 230 days of sunlight. And its a hot and humid environment, especially in the summer. Temperatures will regularly reach over 100 degrees so you will want to be prepared for that. You probably should expect your electricity bills to much higher. Be sure to check with your leasing agent the average utilities bills that current Frisco residents pay. Usually the lower floors will be cooler, as hot air rises. But warmers temps are sometimes welcomed for some of you who come from much colder environments. You might actually come out ahead renting energy efficient Frisco apartments that have rents that are higher than older apartments in the area.

But what does a resident of Frisco do for fun? Although they don’t have the professional sports teams like the Dallas Cowboys, there is a minor league baseball team (Frisco Rough Riders). So you won’t have to travel to Dallas to catch a game. Also if you plan on renting apartments in Frisco TX, there are also shopping destinations too. Did you know that there is 8 million total square feet of shopping in Frisco. Stone briar Center mall features Macy’s, Nordtroms, and Dillards. People come from all over parts of Texas come to Frisco to get their shopping fix filled.

Frisco is truly amazing and will offer you a truly awesome life. There are a plethora of restaurants, retailers, and a myriad apartments to choose from. Everyone one wants to move to Frisco, and it can be seen via the explosion of the population. Frisco offers everything you can want in life and move. and you won’t have to break your pocketbook to do so.

There are many reasons renters are flocking to all of these Dallas suburbs. There is no income tax in Texas and housing is super cheap compared to other major metropolitan areas. Anytime you have a low cost of living and plentiful nearby employment centers, your going to draw a crowd.

Frisco apartments for Rent

You should know that leasing and finding apartments in Frisco TX is the same process here as in any other city in Texas. Your income level should be between 2.5 and 3.5 times the monthly rent in most places. Its much cheaper to rent Frisco apartments than in Dallas. Also apartments go fast. So you want to be prepared when you tour apartments. If you decide to view many different rentals, don’t get your heart set on just one.But you will find that costs of transportation add up. When gas is over $3 a gallon you will see that it will add up. Plus if you have long commute times it can add to frustration levels.

But overall, Frisco is really where it’s at. And we know that finding the perfect Frisco apartments for rent here can be time consuming. People from all over the country are moving to Texas, and more Frisco apartments seem to be popping up each month. You might want to choose a locator to find your next place. There are many Frisco apartments for rent and a finder sometimes will even give you a rebate for $50 or $100 too. How sweet is that!

More about renting a place around Frisco

Apartments will require an additional pet deposit. If you worried you won’t find a Frisco rental that will accept your pet, don’t be. There are plenty of people living here just like you. There are plenty of apartments with private garages, those with gated access, and those with washer and dryers in all of the apartments for rent. How much do 1 bedroom apartments in Frisco go for? Well apartments in the area are generally very new. In fact, its hard to find old apartment construction. YOu need to budget in the $800 for 1 bedroom. If your heart is set on a 2 bedroom home, your looking at rentals starting in the mid $1200 range.

We know it can be stressful to find apartments in Frisco TX. Let our agents at RentKidz take away the anxiety and stress that comes with finding those perfect apartments. Our agents are very familiar with Frisco, and all of the apartments in the area. If your need that bottom floor unit, or those Frisco apartments with a state of the art fitness center, we know where to send you. But many renters have deeper needs of what their next apartments should contain. Start by searching for apartments in Frisco TX below.

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