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Houston High Rise Apartments are generally located in the Galleria, Houston Inner Loop, and Downtown and Midtown areas. Many of the High Rise Apartments Houston have been remolded to fit a Loft Style feel.

High rises generally showcase astonishing views of the city, spacious floor plans, and luxury living. In the Galleria area; the penthouse views including gourmet kitchens and tall ceilings. Expect amenities to include concierge and valet dry cleaning services, and a full service business center including Wi-Fi and Faxing capabilities. Of course the world renown Galleria rests within nearby walking distance as well. These apartments lie near accessible thorough fares and freeways including Highway 59 and the Interstate 10 Freeway.

But Houston doesn’t boast that many high rise apartment compared to other in the state and around the country. If your open to leasing some private rentals, then you will have more options at your fingertips, Still though, if your set on a high rise, all you will really need to to is get in your vehicle and drive around the following neighborhoods. This will also give you a brief idea what each neighborhood is like. Start in the Medical Center and work your way north to Downtown, which is just a short distance. Then start your way west keeping your eyes peeled, until you reach the Uptown area.

What should you expect to budget for one bedroom high rise apartments Houston. Well again, this will vary from one community to the next. The older communities will fetch somewhere around $1600 per month. But if you want something super nice, its going to be much more. You might want to contact a realtor if you prefer the private rentals. They can give you a better idea of what the cost may be. But brace yourself as it might approach over $3000. There are apartment locators all over the city. It might be a good idea to contact one. Their services are usually free and they may even give you a rebate back too.

Choosing Houston High Rise apartments for rent

If you choose an older high rise in Houston, you should realize that with older Houston high rise apartments, you may encounter more issues with plumbing and other issues that are typical of a community with more age. Also if you lease a unit on a higher floor, your utility bills may be more expensive compared to a unit on the lower floors. Be sure and speak with a leasing agent regarding any questions you may have regarding bills, deposits, etc. Also many of the high rises for rent will also accept pets. Their might be a weight limit, but your agent should be extremely familiar with the terms.

Dominion at Post Oak; located in the galleria area; was constructed in 2005 and is probably the newest high rise in the area.  It boasts spectacular views of the entire city. Future tenants can expect astounding amenities including floor to ceiling sliding glass doors, stainless steel appliances, and island kitchens.  River Oaks High Rise The Cabochon at River Oaks are two older high rise apartments Houston and are located in the prestigious River Oaks area; however they were constructed in the late 60’s and 70’s. They have undergone renovation to appeal to the future tenant in Houston today! Be sure to check many of the Houston high rise apartments below. They will come at a premium as high rises normally do.

One of the first steps in any rental process should be to narrow down the neighborhoods that are possible options for you. Houston has its fair share of traffic and congestion. And if you find yourself stuck with long commute times; you won’t be a happy camper. A good rule of thumb is to narrow down your area first, and then picking out possible apartment options. A good real estate agent can assist you along the way, as this city has more rentals to choose from than many cities around the country.

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