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Most of the Houston Lofts for rent are located near downtown Houston. Some lofts are older hotels that have been converted to give residents that loft style feel. Normally these types of residences are categorized as either a “soft loft” or “hard loft” style. A soft loft has a bedroom that usually has an open doorway and walls that do not quite reach the ceiling. Hard Lofts are usually one large room that serves as the living and kitchen quarters. It also offers a separate bathroom as well. Loft properties should also feature tall ceilings and wide expansive windows. Normally the Houston lofts flooring will be composed of either a stained concrete or hardwoods. Which ever you prefer, you will have both options in Houston today.

What types of residents do lofts cater to? Usually young single professionals desire urban living with the latest trendy features and amenities. These normally will be residents in their 20’s and 30’s. Parents and children normally are not a good fit for loft style apartments. Many loft style apartments usually include only one room. So this isn’t a good if you have a large family. Also lofts Houston are generally located in high density urban areas. So you won’t find many lofts in suburbia.

where to find lofts near Houston

Many new Houston lofts for rent are being constructed near the urban centers. Demand statistics have shown that residents have favored tall ceilings and non-carpeted flooring, and developers have begun to increase their inventories of these sorts of residences. Some of the newer lofts, Sawyer Heights Lofts and Briar Forest Lofts, offer outstanding features.  The latter property is actually located west of Beltway 8.  It is one of the only true lofts outside of Houston offering additional amenities that the older lofts do not. The majority of the other loft options will be located within the inner loop or near the downtown area.

Personal training is also being offered at new Houston lofts for rent as well.  And many Houston residents may cancel their gym memberships as the apartment communities fitness center offers equipment that is easily comparable. Apartment lounges featuring WiFi, billiards, and gourmet coffee has become more common place to.

Houston Lofts

Since these types of Houston lofts have high demand, it truly is harder to secure one with some sort of move-in special today. The incentives have rapidly begun disappearing. Residents are snapping lofts up. Please see the variety of 1 bedroom lofts in Houston below. In fact, you might want to contact a Houston agent you can assist you throughout the entire process. They will be able to assist you further find the perfect Houston lofts available. Many Houston locators are 100% free and offer rebates. It’s always a good idea to hire a Houston realtor knowledgeable with the area. You might find that buying lofts is a more affordable and economical method.

Pricing for Houston Lofts

You should know that lofts are not cheap. It’ highly unlikely to find a one bedroom lofts Houston under $1000. And with many of these properties located near the Houston urban centers, pricing can be much higher. If you having a hard time, be sure to view our Houston apartment guide below. Remember that lofts fetch a premium, so be prepared to pay a little more than you would compared to a regular apartment. But those residents who choose lofts, just love the look at feel.

You should know that 1 bedroom lofts in Houston generally have higher utility bills. Lofts usually have tall ceilings and wide open spaces. With more space to cool, your air conditioning unit will work extra hard. But there is so much upside to choosing one of their particular units above.

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