Apartments near West University

One of the greatest attraction of West University, is the location. Here you are right in the thick of things. Anything and everything that you could ever desire, is really with in short commute right from your doorstep. But if your moving to Houston, you should know a little bit about the weather. Living in the south, you should know that the summers are hot. How hot, expect 90 degree weather as a staple during the hottest months of the year. And if your not a fan of the cold, rarely will you experience a freeze in the winter. If your wondering where “West U” get its name, it’s due to its close proximity to Rice University. You should also know that “West U” has it’s own fire and police department. In factor there are numerous reason to call the area home. Stop waiting and get out there. It’s time to find your new home.

Another great attraction in the area is Rice Village. Here you will find an assortment of trendy boutiques, retailers, restaurants, apparel and so much more. Want to know some specific names? Stores will include Yankee Candle, Banana Republic, Kendra Scott Jewelry, and many more. And you probably guessed it, there are plenty of places to have a drink or sit down for a dinner or lunch.

What it’s like to live here

West U is a trendy neighborhood. Here you will discover some of the finest restaurants and shops in the entire city. Although you will need your own vehicle in most cases, you might be able to get out and about without of the use of a car depending where you want to go. You will also find a variety of living accommodations. From luxury homes, to townhouses, to apartments near West University Place, you will have your choice of the form of housing you prefer.

From the look of things, you might believe that the only things you can do here are eat and shop. But you will have one of the greatest locations in the city. If you enjoy culture and art you almost couldn’t live any closer. Just to your east lies plenty of the Museum of Fine Arts, the Houston Zoo, the Museum of Natural History, and so much more. It’s truly an exciting city and there is plenty to do.

West University apartment rental rates

If you don’t already know, there aren’t many great deals left inside the Houston loop. Rental rates are high, older apartments have been torn down, and it seems that more and more renters are being priced out of the marketplace. But you have a budget for a 1 bedroom apartment well over $1000, then you will have plenty of choices at your finger tips.

Apartments near West University Place will boast all he latest trends and features that you might want in your next place. From granite counters in the kitchens and baths, to private training sessions in the fitness centers, apartments will offer a variety of perks. But there are still older communities that won’t fetch as high of a premium. The only issue with these, there is normally a waiting list. And depending on your schedule, you might not be as flexible. There are plenty of students who prefer to live in the inner loop, but don’t have the budget too. And many of these older West University apartments will do just fine. The problem is finding a vacant one.

If your in the market for West University apartments, try using the services of a locator. They are very familiar with the area and it beats driving around looking for the right vacancy at the right price.

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