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Located far north of Dallas, and considered part of the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex, McKinney offers residents something special farm away from the urban centers of Dallas and the immediate surroundings. If you enjoy greenspaces, lakes, and the outdoors, you will love what you find here. There are several lakes near McKinney within driving distance including Lake Texoma, Lake Ray Roberts, Lewisville Lake, and Lake Ray Hubbard. For those fans out there who love water activities, this may hit the spot. If you enjoy fishing or any boating activities then you will feel right at home. Mckinney is also located around other popular cities like Frisco and Plano, is 30 miles north of Dallas, a boasts award winning schools and is overall great place to call home.

But maybe your a fan of large green-spaces like parks and preserves. Well if you decide to choose apartment rentals in McKinney, you will have access to a woodsy environment complete with hiking and biking trails, all the way to dog parks. Its a nice getaway from the big city life that you may have experienced in the past. Highway 75 will split Mckinney in two parts, one to the east, and one to the west. Both sides have their own unique personality.

If your moving from out of state, you should know like much of north Texas, McKinney is hot. You can expect temperatures (summer) reach well over 100 degrees. So if you going to lease McKinney apartments, you might want to ask your leasing agent about the apartments energy efficiency. Many newer apartments in McKinney TX will offer features like double pane windows and energy efficient appliances. Be sure to be on the lookout for these items during your McKinney search.

Like much of Texas, there are an assortment of different types of foods and cuisines to choose from. And it’s no different in McKinney. Barbecue is a staple in Mckinney, and you won’t have to go far to find ribs, beef, or whatever is your favorite cut of meat. If your not a fan, there are plenty of other McKinney restaurants that will surely crave what you looking for. You can be sure of one thing, your new favorite place to eat probably isn’t too far away from your Mckinney apartments.

How to find the top Apartments in McKinney TX

But your probably on this site to find McKinney apartments for rent that meet your needs and fit close to your budget. And we are here to save you time and assist you finding the right place that you can call home. Whether your looking for that one perfect studio, or you need large 3 bedroom apartments for your family, you can find it here. Be sure to browse our list of McKinney apartments below. Our agents are very familiar with apartments and can save you time and stress. If your having trouble locating those perfect apartments in Mckinney TX, be sure to contact one of our agents. We know the McKinney area, and can get send you rentals today.

Maybe apartments in McKinney TX aren’t your thing. After all its a suburb, and there are plenty of private McKinney homes for rent. If that’s the case , then you might want to contact a realtor. There are plenty of them and they work on commission. Be sure to spend some time around the Westside. Here there are a multitude of McKinney apartments to choose. This portion of McKInney is complete with parks, large shopping malls, and plenty of golf courses. There is an intricate hiking system that was put in place for McKinney residents. It might be a reason you are moving here.

A quick word about utilities bills. Texas apartments will almost all of central air. It’s hot here. When you tour apartments, be sure to inquire about average costs for your bills. It’s a great way to keep your budget in line. Choose the wrong apartments, and your bills will be way higher than you ever thought. Newer McKinney apartments usually boast energy efficiency. The apartments should include CFL lightbulbs, energy efficient appliances, double pane windows, and water reducing devices too. A quick word about all bills paid apartments. Many renters believe that they will save money by choosing a rental such as this. However, the price for these is usually included in the apartments. Take this into account when you tour McKinney rentals.

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