North Richland Hills Rentals

It’s not just another suburb in the Fort Worth area, North Richland Hills is located in Tarrant County and boasts a population well over 65,000 residents. Who lives here? Well it’s for residents who don’t want to experience the big city life of Dallas or Fort Worth, but must commute to one of these cities. Or it for someone who just wants to live in a great place. Its another “mid-cities” suburb that provides residents with access to all facets of life. North Richland Hills has great schools, a low crime rate, and plenty of opportunity for the residents who decide to call this city home.

If you decide to rent apartments North Richland Hills TX you will want to know about the transportation, how to get around, and of course commute times. Well it’s good to know that if you have to catch a flight, the DFW Airport is only 15 miles away. Did you know that there are over 1700 flights per day. It’s a large airport and provides direct destination flights across the country and the world.

If your looking for public public transportation then you should become familiar with the Trinity Railway Service. After all, who really wants to drive in north Texas traffic. The “TRE” offers commuter rail service between Dallas and Fort Worth. Why not sit back and relax or get some additional work done. The rail make multiple stops between many of the “mid-cities” suburbs and operate between Monday and Saturday. All you need to do is park at one of the free lots, buy your ticket. and board. It’s that easy. But you should know that like many Texas cities, you will need your own vehicle too. There is much to do and see, and living without a vehicle probably isn’t reasonable.

There are also plenty of parks and green-spaces like the other suburbs in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. For example, the John Barfield Trail is a 3.5 mile concrete trail that offers a wooded corridor and includes creeks and grasses. How great is it to have a bit of nature right outside your North Richland Hills apartments. It’s just an example of many.

So where can you find North Richland Hills apartments in the city. Well like many places in Texas, they are not in one specific spots. They will be located in different neighborhoods. It may come down to what type of community you want to rent. If you go for an older community, you will get for square footage for your dollars. There are luxury apartments in North Richland Hills TX, and they will have all the bells and whistles your searching for. Just expect to pay more.

Your next question probably is how much you should budget for rent? If you opt for an older North Richland Hills community, then you can secure a place near the mid to upper $500 range. Just know that with older apartments in North Richland Hills TX, you may experience more maintenance issues. Also remember that Texas is hot, it can over 100 degrees in the summer on several consecutive days. Usually older North Richland Hills apartments won’t have the energy efficiency construction, and this can lead to higher utility bills. So check with the leasing agent about average utility rates in their apartments.

Maybe your not in the market for apartments after all. There are plenty of homes for rent near the area. North Richland Hills experienced a boom with regards to construction, and you can find a home that is pretty affordable too. Be sure to check our list of apartments below. Be sure to contact one of our agents at Rentkidz. We are very familiar with North Richland Hills.

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