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If your looking to move to San Antonio then you will join the ranks of the other residents that have made this city one of the fastest growing in the entire country. San Antonio is known for the Alamo, the Spurs, and of course barbecue, and cowboys. You may not not that it’s the 7th large city in the country and the second biggest in the lone star state. It’s also home the many different armed forces and many fortune 500 businesses such as Valero.

And don’t forget about all the shopping malls, business facilities, the River Walk, and what about the Battle of the Alamo. It was a conflict led by William B Travis against the leader of the Mexican army, Santa Anna. The Texans, with only a total of about 200 soldiers led a defense against thousands of Santa Anna’s forces. They held out for 13 days and was a rallying cry for the independence of Texas.

If your moving to San Antonio, you should know there are a myriad neighborhoods and suburbs to choose from. Each one boasts its own unique character. If you don’t know where to start, then read on for what you can expect, and how you can find out the place that best fits your needs.

How to find San Antonio apartments for rent

The first rule of thumb is not to sign a lease at the first place you visit. Spend some time visiting different San Antonio apartments for rent. You will notice that pricing for apartments are very affordable. You might be shocked to know that you can lease apartments near the downtown area in the $600 range. Compared to other metropolitan downtown areas, that sure seems like a sweet deal. If you start to look around the San Antonio surrounding areas, it can even get cheaper. The truth is, that you need to figure out what you want in your next rental. Before you get set on a price, you should know that comfort and convenience are two highly sought after qualities of any San Antonio apartments of rent. But don’t forget about a great view and amenities that you can actually use. Do you prefer a high rise, or do you want something that is located adjacent to retail.

It’s always a good idea to talk with someone who is familiar with the area. If you don’t have any friends and family who call San Antonio home, you might contact a realtor, or just ask anyone who you pass by. Maybe you stop for lunch and get a few ideas from a waitress or just a resident who is walking the streets. If your searching in the surrounding San Antonio neighborhoods, get an idea of how walkable the area is. People in Texas are friendly and are passionate about their city. They will offer you a plethora of information.

What about your commute? Become familiar with the freeway system in San Antonio. The main freeways are the 410 Loop, I-10, and I-35. Congestion can be a problems depending on where you trying to go and at what time. There are some public transportation options that might be convenient for you.

Remember that when you decide to rent San Antonio apartments, that you will need to make between 2.5 and 3.5 times the monthly rent. There is also a deposit that is usually required. You might come across specials. If so be prepared to jump on them after you have down your research.

If your moving to San Antonio, you will find out that it gets super hot in the summer. Your San Antonio apartments heating bills are going to be higher than you might be accustomed to if your moving from a cooler climate. Your bill will vary based upon how many square feet your place is. Expect to pay over $100 in the summer. The weather will become more cool in October though and provide you some relief.

You will need your own vehicle to get around if your living outside of the downtown San Antonio area. If you plan on using the bus system, you will need to leave plenty of time for your commute. The bus systems isn’t the best here.

Remember to take your time and don’t feel pressure. When you see the perfect San Antonio apartments, you will know. Once you sign your lease you will feel a huge sense of relief. If you too busy or your having trouble locating the perfect San Antonio apartments, don’t hesitate to contact one our locators. We are here for you.

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