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If you have been searching for a smaller suburban town that will offer an atmosphere unlike that of a big urban city. But you also would prefer to be able to access all the entertainment and fun that one has to offer. Well The Colony lies around north Texas might be just the place for you. If your searching for rental property, then you will have some options here. Whether you prefer renting apartments in the Colony TX, or you desire a home, this is definitely a city that will provide you both options. It’s a relatively new city, and just came to existence during the last 40 plus years. The Colony’s name is derived from the fact, it was supposed to include “a colony” of single family homes.

One of the first details you should be aware of, rentals will be very affordable compared to other major cities. And its a pretty new city. So the majority of rentals will sport some of the latest advancements. That means apartments will boast new construction. Many of the buildings will be modern and maintenance issues won’t be as rampant as you might find in older housing options.

How Much To Budget For The Colony Apartments

So how much will you need to budget for 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in The Colony TX? Your first order should be to determine what your current expenses are, and what your monthly earnings are. Most apartment complexes want you to make between 2.5 and 3.5 times the monthly rent. So based upon your current earnings levels, you should have some rough idea of what you can afford. If you have more than enough, then congratulations! If you find yourself on a higher budget, then be sure not to tour the properties outside your price range.

Utilities will be a factor to consider too. If a rental property contains all of the bills paid, then it might be cheaper overall than a property that simply has a lower base rent. So lets say you found a landlord that will pay the electricity and basic cable as a portion of your rent, you will want to compare that to The Colony apartments with no utilities included. The final decision will be yours to make.

If you have decided on calling The Colony apartments your home, you next step will be to figure out how to get around the area. If you will be commuting, how will you get back and fort to your final destination. The truth is, there is really not any quality public transportation here. Most residents will either carpool or drive on their own. Cabs are an option if your going to the airport. The DFW Airport is over 15 miles away. Many residents around the greater Dallas area and it’s suburbs are aware of the DART. But it’s not available near The Colony.

And you won’t have to go to Dallas for a great meal. There are plenty of restaurants in the area that are sure to serve the type of cuisine your liking. And it wouldn’t be fair not to indulge in barbecue that the great state of Texas has to offer.

Are you wondering what type of activities are available in The Colony? Anytime you have a lake on the doorsteps of Lewisville Lake. That will give you direct access to plenty of boating and fishing opportunity. Plus with all the additional green-space, you will get plenty of hiking, biking, or just afternoon strolls. If you love outdoor attractions, then you will love what awaits you in The Colony. If your need some assistance finding The Colony apartments for rent, be sure to contact our team of locators. It’s a free service and we are knowledgeable about rentals in The Colony.

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