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How Apartment Locators Offer Free Moves

Looking for a free new apartment move? There are only a small handful of apartment locating companies that offer this type of service in Texas. These companies will sent you a list of apartments in your budget, and try to find you the   pricing that most affordable in any area or neighborhood. 

Lets dive into how these 123 Move for free companies operate and the nitty gritty on the requirements.

What is an Apartment Move for Free

There are some free locating companies that will offer moves to clients in many areas of Texas.  Here is how the apartment finder service operates.

  • Apartment complexes and other properties will pay commissions to real estate agents in a city like Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston
  • The individual who is renting the place must write/inform the leasing agent at the property they are working with the said locator. They do this by simply writing the name of the locator/agent’s name on the application under the referral section.
  • The renter will then notify the locating company, and then connect with the moving co. and set up their free move.

Be Sure and Read the Fine Print

The caveat here is that locating companies that are offering free moves have begun to change the terms and conditions upon which free moves are offered. Renters should read the fine print. In some cases, the renter won’t qualify for the move. Instead they will qualify for a cash rebate sent to their address after the locating company in question has been paid. 

Here are some other caveats to look out for:

  • In order to qualify for a free move the monthly rent must meet a certain threshold.  Lets use $1k in our example.  If you receive any specials from the apartment that would lower the rent under the $1000 number, then you would not qualify for the free move.  However, anything over that number would result in a free move. Be sure and ask the locating company how many hours you receive for your move. 
  • If your rent falls below the specified amount, you may still qualify for a move, but it won’t be entirely free. The company may advertise you receive a free move for 1 hour. But here is what you don’t know. Many moving companies have a minimum moving requirement of 2.5 hours. That means the locating co will pay for the 1st hour, while you will be responsible for paying the remaining 1.5 hours. That decision will be yours. 
  • Remember that if you don’t take the move, the team may offer you a gift check or cash. You will not receive the incentive until the locating company has been paid. This can be anywhere from 30 days up to 6 months. 

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There is also more fine print to consider. 

  • Movers won’t move specialty items like pianos or safes. 
  • If you opt for a free move and go over your allotted time, you will be responsible for any overages charges. 
  • It’s very important to understand how the time the movers spend, actually works. The clock starts when the movers arrive. Any delays, such as you waiting to pick up your keys etc, will be cut into your moving time. Be sure and ask about insurance. What is covered and what isn’t.

If it seems that many locators prefer to offer the rebate than the move, it’s because it’s probably true. It is certainly more expensive to offer and pay for the move than simply to send the renter a check between 30-180 days. 

How Locating Companies Make Money

Lets investigate this a little further. Offering a free move certainly eats into the profits of a locating company. If a renters leases a $1k a month rental and the apartment pays a 100% commission, this can make financial sense.

The company collects $1k but must pay out the free move and must pay the a percentage of the commission to the real estate agent. Plus there are also the costs of office space, advertising, etc.

How much does a 2.5 hour move cost?

According to Consumer Affairs,  a mover chargers between $80-$100 an hour. So lets say that the 2.5 hour move costs around $200. This is right in line with their rebate they offer of $200.

We might suspect that customers whose rents are under $1000 are unlikely to pay out of pocket for the free hour move. They probably opt for the rebate.

In fact, we believe that locating companies probably prefer to pay out the rebate check. After all, they don’t have to come out of pocket until they receive their fee from the apartment complex.

When the renter chooses the free new move, the apartment locating company must pay in advance unless they have a special deal with the movers.

What happens if the renter skips out on their rent or exits their lease before the commission is paid to the locating company?

At Rentkidz we offer gift checks back to all of our customers. We feel that is the best way to reward our clients and friends. Be sure to choose a company with reviews thus ensuring an experience that is positive for renters.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do apartment locators Charge for their Services?

The apartment complex will pay the locator a fee for sending you by. You will never be responsible for paying a locator unless they let you know in advance. The vas majority of apartments in Houston and Dallas friendly to locators and realtor.

Can an Apartment Locator get you a Better Deal

The apartment locators know what deals exist in the marketplace. If you knew where to look then you probably could get the same deal. Remember that a locator doesn't charge for their services. It's free to the renter.