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Sandy Springs City Guide 

Apartments in Sandy Springs are located in a prominent suburb located north of Atlanta.  Situated just south of Roswell and to the west of Dunwoody.  Sandy Springs gets its name from the sand springs that are located in the cities boundaries today. With over 80,000 residents this makes it one of the largest cities in the nearby Atlanta area. Offering a retreat from the big city life, it’s prefect for working professionals and families looking for an alternative. Major employers in the area include Cox and First Data.

Recreation and Transportation 

Residents who live in accommodations in Sandy Springs are able to take advantage of a myriad of recreational activities. There are around 260 acres of parks in close proximity, over 30 golf courses, and thousands of restaurants within a 15-mile radius.

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Also due to the fact Route 400 and Interstate 285 intersect within the cities limits, this allows close to 40,000 residents to commute to Sandy Springs, thus making this city a hub for business. The MARTA also serves those who prefer not to drive. Sandy Springs has more Fortune 500 companies in Georgia including famous names like UPS and Newell Rubbermaid.

If you are looking for recreational activities, you won’t be at a loss for those here. The Chattahoochee River offers a great place for river rafting, canoeing, and kayaking. Not into water activities, use the hike and biking trails that line the immediate area. The river provides a great alternative to urban life.

Your just 20 minutes from Atlanta, so everything you need is within a moments grasp.

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Searching for Sandy Springs rentals will be a breeze. There are a few neighborhoods in the city that you will become familiar with. Remember that they will all offer something a little different, so it is a good idea to spend a brief amount of time in each part. Also, rents will vary from each neighborhood as well.

Budgeting for a Rental

Looking for that perfect 1 bedroom rental? Expect to budget closer to $1100 for the smaller units. Rentals here are modern and will feature upgrades in kitchens like stainless steel appliances and premium counters.

Top Neighborhoods for Apartments

Downtown: it’s not the typical downtown area you might be accustomed to. Here you will discover a few buildings, but nothing compared to the downtown area of Atlanta. But there is change in the air.

Riverside: Here you are going to find some of the more expensive rentals. This neighborhood is where people who have more income are prone to live.

Dunwoody Panhandle:

Perimeter Center:  this neighborhood boasts modern, state of the art buildings, malls, and facilities. This includes condos, apartments, and more. It also boasts one of the largest malls in the state of Georgia. If you enjoy shopping, but this one on top of your list.

Although Sandy Springs is located in the south, it actually does snow here. So be sure you have the proper attire for the winter months. Summers are hot. And many days its a good idea to stay inside with the air conditioning turned on.

Getting around Sandy Springs

A few notable characteristics that can really be applied to the entire state of Georgia. You really need a vehicle to get around. Although there are some parts that are walkable, and there are some forms of public transportation, a vehicle is really needed. And you will encounter your fair share of traffic. The highway system is far from perfect, and the Atlanta area ranks high with commute times.

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