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Looking for apartments for rent in Coppell, TX

Moving to Coppell TX? If you so you won’t be alone.  This city is a small neighborhood inside the DFW Metroplex. This town boasts schools with a high rating, lots of walking trails, and is near Grapevine Lake.  Coppell apartments are modern and have the amenities that make living fun! It’s a great location and is offers great work opportunities.  There are also a lot of available houses and other types of listings. There are a few things people want to know about the market here before you buy or rent.

Nearby Cities

The key to any successful real estate transaction is understanding the market. How much are things worth, where are the property values going, and where are the good schools? If a resident makes the wrong place to purchase,  a property won’t increase in value as quickly.  You don’t want to lose money, do you? Rent trends are always changing.

It’s sure is nice to know that the majority of the listings are relatively new. Most of the properties were built in the ’90s and after. So that means you won’t have that many maintenance issues to deal with. Even though most lease agreements state the management companies/landlords are responsible for repairs, it can be a nuisance for you to have to report them. Although you may not have to pay for the repairs, you are inconvenienced. If your dryer ceases to work, or your air conditioning unit goes out in the middle of the night, you won’t be a happy camper.

Best Time to the Search for Property

Like any rental market, residents should know when to look and where. The majority of renters will be moving in the summer months. An apartment complex may accept applications for rent 30 to 60 days in advance.  Private markets operate a little differently. They will require a deposit equal to one month’s rent, plus the last month’s rent in advance.

Vacancies might be more limited in the winter. But that doesn’t mean you cannot find a space that meets your needs.  Call ahead.  That way you can ask your list of questions that hopefully you have prepared. If you do apply at any community, you need to have all of your documentation to allow a speedy process. Rentals in Coppell can go fast. So be prepared to submit your application.

How to Rent Apartments in Coppell, TX Fast

The telltale sign that a market is tight: there won’t be many vacancies available based on the type of rental your looking for. You will be able to identify this pretty quickly. If this is the case, then you won’t want to think too long or hard about the property you just toured.

If the price is right and you like what you saw, don’t make the mistake of letting another renting take it from underneath you. So be sure to have the correct form of payment identification, rental history (if applicable), and proof of income. Remember just because you put down your application and deposit, doesn’t mean you are bounded to the lease!

The good news is that there are plenty of condos, townhouses, and single-family homes that are high on the affordability scale. Cheap homes don’t exist for rent. So be sure and give yourself plenty of time to locate a home or townhouse.

Renting a home is not like picking out any apartments in Coppell, TX. Remember that you won’t get conveniences like basketball courts, a playground, or volleyball.  You may have to use the services of a realtor who will unlock each home for you. As you can see, this may take a while.

Flexibility can also help you get the listing you desire. Nearby Lewisville has property for rent.

Top Coppell, Texas Neighborhoods

Route 121/ Sandy Lake: It’s in the northwest section. Property values are high. The area features mainly homes and a few apartments.  Many of the homes will be built after 2000. Apartment rent will start over $1000 for a 1 bedroom.

Lakes of Coppell: A great subdivision for those who love a suburb and want their kids to go to great schools.

Be sure and check out the Farmers Market. Check the schedule, but it’s usually open every Saturday excluding certain times during the holidays. Many local vendors converge and offer organic and pest-free products.

A note of Caution Before Renting

We do have to warn you, part of the DFW International Airport is located in Coppell. That means if you rent or buy, the flight path might be right over your home. This probably holds true for renting Coppell apartments too. Students should consider renting a studio! The average rent will be the cheapest for those.

If you can’t find the options you desire, look in nearby Lewisville, Grapevine, or even Farmers Branch for additional property.

Life in Coppell, TX

A word on transportation. Be sure and be prepared to commute around the Metroplex. I-635 will take you east directly through Dallas. There are many highways.  You won’t be far from lots of entertainment, retailers, parks, and restaurants. Some of the neighborhood parks include Andrew Brown Park East and Coppell Nature Park. There is even a wildlife conservation area and visit Coppell Farmers Market.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What Elementary Schools are near Coppell, TX

  • Lakeside Elementary School
  • Mockingbird Elementary School
  • Town center Elementary School

What Middle Schools are near Coppell, TX

  • Coppell Middle East
  • Coppell Middle West
  • Coppell Middle North

What High Schools are near Coppell, TX

  • New Tech High School at Coppell
  • Coppell High School