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$ 1,171
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Living in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX

Looking for some of the newest Deep Ellum listings? Luckily for you, you have come to the right place. RentKidz will offer an assortment of Deep Ellum apartments in one of Dallas’ most coveted spots. But before you dig right in, what does this awesome Dallas neighborhood have to offer you. It’s a popular destination for many people. The Deep Ellum neighborhood puts you right near popular hot-pots like Uptown and Downtown Dallas. If you are familiar with the layout of Dallas at all, then you know you are right in the heart of it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Average Rent for an apartment in Deep Ellum?

The average price for a 1 bedroom in Deep Ellum is $1,746

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History of Dallas

First of all, it is located east of Downtown Dallas and more specifically, east of the 75 Highway. This portion of the city was actually developed in the early 1800’s and pronounced “Deep Elm”. However, it has become known by its current name today. If your looking for art galleries and entertainment, then you have come to the right place.

Just taking a stroll through the streets, one can see the galleries, public art, and streets murals that make this neighborhood one of the most unique in the city of Dallas. If music is more to your liking, Sons of Herman Hall and Adair’s Saloon are just a couple of the authentic venues you might come across. If dance halls are more of your thing, you might enjoy the Lizard Lounge. And we haven’t even begun to talk about the restaurants in the area.

Transportation in Deep Ellum

You will have access to 3 immediate freeways. I-30, the Dallas North Tollway, and Highway 75 can service your needs. But the Dart Rail will also give you local transportation if you work or go to school in the area. You might need a vehicle for your daily commute to work. If you work in the city itself, then your commute will be a short one. And that’s nice because like many Texas cities, Dallas, has a lot of traffic, congestion, and thousands of cars on the roads which can make for an unpleasant driving experience.

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Deep Ellum Property Intangibles

Dallas is hot. And the summers can exceed 100 on a normal basis. You should take this into account when you rent your next place. Older lofts in Deep Ellum won’ have the energy efficient construction. Keep your eyes open for popular split level listings. Parking is another item that should be on top of your list of questions. Some rentals won’t offer you a dedicated space. That might mean you are left to park on the street.   Also if you have guests that will be staying with you, they will need a temporary place to park their vehicles too.

Characteristics of Deep Ellum Lofts

Deep Ellum boasts many types of rentals, and lofts are widely available here at an affordable price. Finding a studio or 1 bedroom won’t be an issue.  Rates change regularly, so you will want to check pricing regularly if you are looking for the best deals.  A loft in Dallas will offer you all sorts of amenities like super tall ceilings, exposed duct-work, and usually concrete or wood flooring. It provides a different type of look at feel than traditional Deep Ellum apartments you may have rented in the past. If you love wide open spaces like warehouse style apartments and lots of unique floor plans, then lease here.

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Apartment Pricing in Deep Ellum

If you searching for cheap listings for rent in Deep Ellum, then you have come to the right place. RentKidz can show you current pricing and rent trends.  A one bedroom rental will begin in the mid to upper $900 dollar range and expect to pay in the $1400 range for two bedrooms.

But these are the starter sizes. Just like the majority of Dallas, rents are higher and have gone up consistently. It is a hot market and rental property can go fast.  The cool thing about choosing a place here; you will have plenty of options. Maybe you want an urban style loft, or high rise, or just standard Deep Ellum crash-pad. The good news is your options are plentiful here in this section of Dallas. Check Downtown for rentals as well. You will get many luxury options, lofts, and high rises.

It’s also possible you will come across privately owned Dallas townhomes or other sorts of residents. These types of rentals usually require the first and last month’s rent.  Private listings can have additional perks like your own private back yard and extra parking.