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Living in Denton, TX 

So you came here looking for your cheap apartments in Denton, TX. Congratulations, and there is much you might know about this city north of Dallas. For one, there are plenty of neighborhoods that make up the city and there is surely one that will make you feel right at home.

As of the last census, Denton boasts a population that exceeds 113,000 residents,  and growth is exploding. Another reason for the large growth was the construction of the DFW airport which is a short distance away. The business climate is strong and is attracting residents from across the country. Like most of Texas, you should be able to find work.  Denton is also famous for its music scene. There are many annual music festivals which attract hundreds of thousands of people. These include the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo and the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival. From the variety of food, shops, and rock and rodeo performances, it is not an event to be missed.

It’s a great college town as is home to the University of North Texas.  Denton has numerous restaurants.

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Outdoor Fun and Activities

And like most of the suburbs around Dallas, expect plenty of parks and walking and jogging trails. If your an outdoors-man you won’t find anything lacking here. If you are more into water activities and sports, Lewisville Lake and Lake Ray Roberts border the city and provide recreational boating activities and restaurant options for residents. The location also puts you close to the The Colony, TX and Grapevine.

Denton Parks and Recreation

North Texas sure is going to have some amazing and wonderful weather.  With an assortment of neighborhood  parks and lakes to choose from, you won’t have to go far to experience some of the best that Denton has to offer.  If your a pet owner, then Wiggly Field Dog Park might be a popular destination. It’s divided up into sections for large and small dogs. Drinking fountains and parking are both provided for visitors.

Denton Katy Trail: It’s an 8-mile concrete walking trail.  It passes by many notable public destinations.

The Greenbelt Corridor offers about 20 miles of trails. There is even a portion for horseback riders and cyclists.

This isn’t some town in the boonies. Its got a much desired location.  You could mark your calendar full of events that take place right here in the city limits. Art Galleries, museums, and sporting events will surround you.  Hangar 10 Museum is just one notable destination which features historical airplanes.

Tips to Find Your Next Property Rental

If you have made the decision to move, you should know there are a great number of cheap rentals that offer a low cost of living.  Before you sign your lease, ask your agent about pet deposits and pet rent. Many times the pet deposit is entirely non-refundable. So get the details before you move in. Anyone who lives near a major metropolitan area should be aware of traffic and commute times.

Although Denton offers public transportation in the form of a bus system and commuter rails, you will want to have your own personal vehicle to get around.  The Denton County Transportation Authority features buses and trains that give you options.  Many residents commute to Dallas or Fort Worth and this can create congestion during rush hour. Before you sign your lease, see what your drive times may be if you plan on commuting long distances.

At this point, you might be wondering what highways serve the area. I-35 will take you south towards Fort Worth while going north will take you to the doorsteps of Oklahoma. If you are headed to Dallas Highway 77 will be your best choice.  Whether is for education, business opportunity, or a small city, it sure has a lot going for it

Many renters who are looking for a luxury rental should consider looking around Lake Dallas. Here renters will have access to all sorts of amenities like  concierge services, gated communities, and hot tubs.

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Downtown offers a little of something for everyone. The courthouse has been around since 1896. Enjoy live music, drinks, or ice cream.

Rayzor Ranch showcases a flurry of shopping and eating options. It has been booming and offers big-box retailers such as Walmart.

Apartment Pricing

How much can you expect to pay for apartments in Denton? The average rent will fall somewhere in the $700’s. That’s a steep discount to what you might expect to pay in Dallas. There is plenty of student housing too. If you don’t have much time, contact one of our professionals.

Remember that renting here is just like renting elsewhere. There aren’t any secrets. It’s really just about finding that place that serves your needs at the best price. You might even consider renting homes for rent.

There are plenty of 3 bedroom properties. Just be ready to pay first and last month’s rent. Also you won’t be dealing with an apartment management company, so if you have any concerns, you probably will be voicing them to a landlord or homeowner. It’s always a good idea to give you new place an extensive walk-through to make sure everything is in proper working order.

Why Use an Apartment Hunter

Engage in the services of realtor or apartment locator in Fort Worth. They have access to verified listings, reviews, and prices for several properties. In need of student housing or specific floor plans, we can assist you

Instead of using Zillow to find your next home for rent, call us today!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Middle Schools are near Denton, TX
  • Mcmath Middle School
  • Strickland Middle School
  • Calhoun Middle School
  • Rodriguez Middle
What High Schools are near Denton, TX
  • Guyer High School
  • Ryan High School
  • Denton High School