Best Garland Apartments for Rent Garland provides that small town feel that so many people are searching for. Located about 15 miles away from Dallas, residents here number over 210,000 and get to experience a more laid-back atmosphere. Read Guide >

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Find Top Garland Rentals

Garland is situated northeast of Dallas and is another one of those suburbs that renters and home-owners escape to. The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area is enormous. But it does provide its own set of advantages. Not many residents love living in a big city. And Garland provides that small town feel that so many people are searching for. Located about 15 miles away from Dallas, residents here number over 210,000 and get to experience a more laid-back atmosphere. If you like lots of green-space, trails, and water parks, the Garland apartments might be the perfect fit.  It’s a diverse area and is home to people with various preferences, likes, culture, and the arts. If you do a little research online, you will see that Garland has received many positive recommendations. It’s really hard to find something that you don’t like in here.

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Garland Apts

Use the Dart to Commute to and from your Home

Garland Apts

If you commute to Dallas, you will be happy to know that the DART services Garland. There are 2 DART stations to be exact, and instead of sitting in congestion, you can actually get some work done as you head to the office. Commute times will vary based on the time of day, but can easily approach an hour if you commuting towards downtown Dallas. If you like to travel, there are 2 airports within a short driving distance from your apartments in Garland TX. Like many areas in north Texas, there are plenty of Garland area golf courses, lakes, and picturesque places that you will come to love.

Other Recreation in Garland

There is a water-park (Hawaiian Falls Water-park) and there is a large and popular mall (Firewheel Town Center). It’s an enormous mall and like many cities around Garland has enough shopping for you until you drop. Don’t forget that Garland is hot. In the summer won’t want to spend too much time outside, unless you veer over to Lake Ray Hubbard. While you are here,  you might as well try your luck at catching some fresh fish. It provides a relief from the extreme heat. Temperatures will exceed 100 degrees many times during the hotter months. However, the winters are mild. It’s quite enjoyable to be able to wear short sleeves in the colder months. If you are from the north, you won’t miss the hours shoveling snow.

Parks and Recreation 

You probably didn’t know that Garland has right around 63 park areas. Complete with nature trails, sports, fields, ponds, and other recreational areas, you don’t have an excuse to sit around. Become active and see what this lifestyle can offer you and your family. It’s just one reason why so many residents are making Garland their permanent home.

Apartment Budgeting 

So how much should expect to budget for something in Garland? It’s no different here than anywhere else. Older facilities will charge less than their newer counterparts. But you can expect to pay around $500 and up for cheap studio apartments. Your entire apartment will include one room in this instance. One bedrooms will increase from just over $600 and up. A quick note about all bills paid communities. There aren’t many. So prepare accordingly.

Most of the apartment communities will offer flexible lease terms. But if your searching for a 3-month lease, you can expect to pay a premium. What types of residents can you expect? You will find all different types of people from different age groups, professions, and education levels. If you are employed by the school district, or you’re in the police force, or of a similar profession, be sure to let your leasing agent know. Many Garland rentals will offer discounts based on your who your employer.

Popular Apartment Neighborhoods

Looking for a specific neighborhood to call home in Garland, try Firewheel. Expect to pay higher rents for a Garland apartment. It’s a more upscale neighborhood. Homes and rentals have that posh feel. That means many are going to feature the latest features and amenities you would come to expect with a newer place. These include but won’t be limited to high ceilings, non-carpeted floors, granite counters, and more. Firewheel showcases shopping centers, restaurants, upscale developments; everything that you would come to expect in a neighborhood of this stature.

Downtown Garland is a picturesque small town that boasts small boutiques, family-owned restaurants, and other types of shops. You won’t find many apartments for rent here, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time here. There are also many privately owned homes available. You might be able to get a great deal on Garland townhomes or houses for rent. It might take a little more work, but hey,  who doesn’t like a private garage and backyard.

If you love steaks and hamburgers then you will fit right in. For those of you who prefer salads and berries, you might have to look a little harder to find what you want. After all, this is Texas, home of barbecue, football, and beer.

Garland Transportation

You will also need your own method of transportation around Garland. Although there isn’t much traffic, (which is a big plus) you need to be able to get around town. Texas is huge after all. It could be worse. There are some other neighborhoods north of Garland, with rentals like Plano and Allen. The commutes to and from Dallas are much worse for your neighbors to the north.

So in summing it up, here is what you will need to know. You won’t have a hard time finding a rental here, and who knows, you might want to set some permanent roots down near Garland! And one more thing.  If you are bringing pets with you, don’t worry, the majority of Garland properties are pet-friendly. You will just have to pay extra for a pet deposit and pet rent.

How Rentkidz can assist you today

Any apartment search can become overwhelming quickly, especially when you are not familiar with the area. Looking for listings on sites like Craigslist and Zillow require a lot of time as you have to call each listing. Chances are you will hit plenty of dead ends and you will be pulling your hair out before you know it. A realtor can check on official prices and offer you plenty of photos and floor plans.

Why not give us a try? Whether you’re looking for luxury rentals or condos, an apartment finder can assist you today!