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Houston has several popular neighborhoods in the city, and there are a myriad reasons why renters are affordable communities such as this…

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Living in the Greater Heights 

Houston’s Heights is one of the most sought out neighborhoods with lots of luxury rentals. During the 1990’s the Greater Heights was known as an artist community. This neighborhood had its own municipality until it was annexed (1919). In 1991, Houston designated it to be a Historical District. Residents will see Heights Houston apartments that offer a wide array of luxury.  As demand for living in Houston, TX has surged, cheap apartments are becoming much harder to find. It’s certainly one of the highest rated parts the city to live in. If your personality doesn’t cater towards large communities, the area offers plenty of  Houston condos, lofts,  private homes, and other properties for rent.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Average Rent for a 1 Bedroom Apartment in The Heights

The average price for a 1 bedroom in The Heights is $1949

What is the Average Rent for a 2 Bedroom Apartment in The Heights

The average price for a 2 bedroom in The Heights is $2796

greater Heights Houston apartments with luxury bathrooms

A unique 19th street historical business district, as well as a variety of antique and specialty shops, make Greater Heights a Mecca for antique shoppers. It’s one of the unique more neighborhoods, and also one of the oldest in Houston. It has a small town feel that only can be described once you visit. You will discover older homes that date from the early 1900’s, beer gardens, and other hidden gems. This is what makes this part of the city so unique. Recently however, developers have begun scooping up large tracts of land and building large apartments.

Why choose the Greater Heights

If you don’t want to be sandwiched in an urban center and want to steer clear of traffic and congestion, and yet you want a convenient location to popular destinations or work,  this could be the location for you. Houston Heights is a neighborhood where you can find the top communities adjacent to small homes and large Victorian mansions.

Newer Houston Heights apartments include state of the art amenities like world-class fitness centers and luxury interiors. The location is phenomenal, as the Downtown, Midtown, Galleria, and Medical Center areas are literally within minutes of the communities. The area also has great access to I-10, 45, and Highway 59. With major employment centers just a stone throw away, you can bet that your commute will be a short one. Whether it’s shopping or entertainment options, or restaurants, this is the place to call home.

Don’t confuse the Heights with Memorial Heights. The latter corridor is just south of the 10 Freeway. Here you can find more properties for rent.  Modern rentals are beginning to appear everywhere. Whether its condos,  lofts, or plain Heights rentals, you will have plenty of options at your fingertips.

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Apartment Rates in Heights

Rent for an apartment in the Heights has swelled dramatically the last few years, reducing affordability . With new construction, and demolition of older properties, this has led to the end of cheap rent. New construction provides so many different perks.  You may come to love the near resort-style features and upgrades. Renters who used to pay $800 for a 1 bedroom are either having to elevate their budget or move to a cheaper neighborhoods.  Rent here exceeds $1000 easy for a 1 bedroom. You can still secure a community with reasonable rents, but they are older. Neighborhoods closer to downtown have seen dramatic price swings that have continued to head higher . Keep your eyes open for a studio. These can go quick.

private townhouse in Heights Houston

Private Homes in the Heights

There are plenty of private bungalows and townhomes for rent. Although they won’t have all the bells and whistles of the larger complexes, you can rent bungalows and garage apartments. That is what so many people love about living in the Greater Heights. Some might even be furnished if your lucky!

Heights apartments do charge higher upfront costs. A private landlord may require the first and last month’s rent. A private Heights listing and condos likely won’t have the additional amenities like a swimming pool, fitness center, and a maintenance staff on-site. But that might be a small trade-off for many renters who shy away from the big box rentals.

How to Save Money on Apt Rent

This is one of the few neighborhoods where you might actually be able to save money by renting a private home on a monthly basis. Plus you won’t have to worry about complaints from the neighbors if you make too much noise.  Getting a roommate can always help cut your costs; especially if your a student.

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Parks and Recreation in Heights

Pet owners love the dog parks. And there are a couple of nearby options that will allow both you and your pet to have fun.

TC Jester Dog Park:

This location has a distinct separation for the large and small dogs. Both areas represent a total of just over 1 acre. There are also drinking fountains and benches

Johnny Steele Dog Park:

This is one of the newer dog parks. Be sure you check the website to see if it’s open. Many times the park will be closed for flooding after a heavy rain. This facility includes a dog washing station and a pond in both the large and small dog enclosure sections.

West 11th Street Park:

This 20-acre park is one of the largest tracts of forest inside the 610 loop.  It provides a serene atmosphere and wooded trails that allows you to escape the urban setting. It provides a perfect destination to escape life’s daily nuances.

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