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Top Medical Center Rentals

The Medical Center might have the most diversified apartment selection in the entire city when it comes right down to pricing. More on that later. Like many major neighborhoods around the city, unless you have the perfect location, it’s not really walkable. The light rail provides public transportation that many renters can absolutely take advantage of. Students and employees might actually be able to commute to work without the use of a vehicle. That’s a huge bonus.

med center apts
Med Center Apts

Medical Center apartments are located throughout the largest medical district in the world. The area contains 45 institutions,13 hospitals, and two schools.

Recently, many institutions have worked on improving patient care by strategically placing additional clinics and offices throughout the nearby areas. The Texas Medical Center (TMC) receives over 5 million visits per year and employs over 75 thousand people. The TMC  is almost like a city within a city.

The Medical Center is in close proximity to Rice University, Hermann Park, and the Museum District. Many of the Med Center apartments are relatively new and feature loft-style residences complete with all the bells and whistles. Future residents will also find high-end amenities like garden-style tubs and upscale kitchens.

How to find Cheap Flats

But you can find and lease older Medical Center Houston apartments as well. This is where it gets really interesting. There are plenty of cheap listings to choose. Check Craigslist and other private periodicals. Just be sure you do some research about any older properties that you may potentially lease. Repairs can be a constant hassle for renters. If your a/c unit stops working you want to be confident it will be repaired quickly.

There are also plenty of luxury and furnished apartment listings for rent.  These rental types offer some of the finest upgrades.  Private movie theater viewing rooms, cooking classes hosted by professional chefs, and even wine tasting events. Be prepared to pay higher rent.

Public Transportation 

The light rail is prominent in the Medical Center and offers a huge convenience to just about anyone. The rail provides a great public transportation route from the north side of downtown all the way south. The Metro Rail provides 3 different lines. The Red, Green, and Purple.  The red line covers 13 miles and opened for service in 2004. It was expanded in 2013 and carries tens of thousands of passengers per day.

Commuting by car is also an option. There are plenty of parking garages and lots in the area.

Medical Center Fun and Entertainment

Residents near the area have lots of options when it comes to after-hours entertainment. Rice Village boasts several local establishments. There are plenty of bars and places to kick back and relax. If you are in the mood for a beer be sure and stop by Little Woodrows. They serve a wide selection of beer on tap and is a great place to socialize take a load off.

If you prefer some good food with your beverage, Too Rows Restaurant and Brew Pub boast a full menu, bar, and over 20 televisions.

There is a Buffalo Wild Wings. Enjoy wings topped with your favorite sauce while you watch your favorite sports team on the big screen.

The demand for state of the art gymnasiums, resort style pools and the ability for corporations to fill these communities up have fueled an increase in the construction of luxury apartments in the  Medical Center. Rent has gone up dramatically. But never fear, there are plenty of affordable places for rent.

Affordable Accommodations

There are wait-lists for cheap apartments. There are also plenty of bad management companies that don’t tend to the needs of residents. If you have a low budget, just don’t expect much in the form of features and amenities. The real estate market has begun to change, especially around the loop. And with older properties being torn down in favor of new ones, it has become harder to find a home on a tight budget.

The newest property, Amalfi at Hermann Park is a 420 unit managed by Archstone Smith Communities. One bedroom begins with 764 square feet, however, efficiencies are also available.

Also rest easy, the majority of these communities are pet friendly. Some of these properties are now charging pet rent. It’s standard at the majority of these complexes today. And this will be in addition to a pet deposit as well. It’s just one of those fees that you have to accept and move on. If you are fed up with all the miscellaneous fees that apartment charge,  then you might have some options.

There are always plenty of private rentals to choose from. These will come in the form of private condos, homes, and townhouses.   If you choose to go this route, engage the services of a realtor.  They will help you compare, browse and find the perfect place to rent.

The Medical Center boasts a location inside the loop and thus is close to popular destinations like Downtown, Reliant, and the Museum District. Many employer destinations also make it a heavily sought out area in Houston. It’s also one of the last affordable areas for students and young professionals who are looking for rent that isn’t outrageous.

How to find the best places to rent

Like many Houston districts, there is a high density of apartments to choose from. This can complicate your search. With so many properties available,  it’s best to get help. Rather than surfing online through various sites, try out an apartment locator. Get official prices,  photos, and even personal reviews.  It’s not the same as finding a place through Zillow or Apartmentfinder.