Apartments for rent University of Houston

2250 Holly Hall St, Houston, TX 77054 Beds: 1-2  Baths: 1-2 Scotland Yard is a perfect option for renters who want to…

Beds: 0-3 Baths: 1-2 Located a block from the Houston Medical Center, Rice University, and Rice Village shopping area.  This inner loop…

2 bedrooms @$1146 plus discounts

8900 Lakes At 610 Dr, Houston, TX 77054   Beds: 1-2  Baths: 1-2 Aspire at  610 delivers stunning well appointed apartment residences outfitted…

2701 W Bellfort St, Houston, TX 77054 Beds: 0-2 Baths: 1-2 Park 610 apartments is going to offer you a little bit of…

2111 Holly Hall, Houston, TX 77054 Beds: 1-2 Baths: 1-3 Looking for convenient apartments near the University of Houston? Don’t want to…

Beds: 1-2  Baths: 1-2 These cheap 2 bedrooms in Medical Center Houston  are perfect for those renters who want to be located…

$ 1,050

Some homes will have vaulted ceilings and black appliances. These Apartments in the Houston Medical Center are some of the most popular…

$ 725

University of Houston Neighborhood Guide

Most students who are searching for their next rental home are always on the lookout for affordable apartment homes. Below you will discover what most students are searching for when it comes to renting their next pad.

Students Need Cheap Accomodations

Most students don’t really care about all the features and amenities in apt homes. Square footage won’t really matter as their main focus is on school and fun. They are usually on a tight budget as they don’t have a job and are living on a budget. Students want to be around other young people like themselves. A good apt locator in Houston can definitely point you in the right direction regarding student friendly student housing.

If your searching for an economical rental, you will want to select a property that isn’t new. Older properties will not charge anywhere near the rents of a newer counterpart, especially near the University of Houston.

Apartments Should be Near Campus

Students spend most of their time near the college, as they have classes throughout the day. So they probably don’t want to be far from home. If you have a few classes throughout the day, it sure can be advantageous to be able to come home and relax or study if need be.  It is not fun to have to commute long distances just to get to class.

Pricing Near U of H

Many apartments near University of Houston are a few miles south of the Texas Medical Center. This is usually where you will discover some of the most affordable types of housing.  Students who attend the University can normally find accommodations whose rent starts in the $600 range. If you want something furnished for rent, expect to pay much more. Some of the newer apartment homes can fetch well over $1200 for a one bedroom.

Rentals near the Medical Center also make great options for those who attend the University. Scotland Yard and 2111 Holly Hall are two very popular complexes among students and should be targeted.

They may not have all the bells and whistles compared to other complexes; however the rents have stayed relatively low compared to other apartment communities.  Students can expect economically priced units that may contain washer and dryers, ice-makers, and central A/C.

Popular Neighborhoods for U of H Students

Downtown and the Museum District rentals are also easily accessible to the University. But rents in these areas are some of the highest in the city. Rentals in Downtown will easily start in the $1300’s. It’s almost double the amount you might pay if you choose to lease near the Medical Center.  There are also plenty of older and cheap properties near University of Houston.

Freshmen living in dorms should take some time to check out future rentals.   Ask your friends and classmates for any ideas that they may have. Maybe renting a private room in a house with a bunch of your friends might be an alternative.

Where to Find the Best Residences

The majority of University of Houston apartments are located just inside the loop. The neighborhood near Old Spanish Trail have many different types of housing. You can secure private condos and townhomes for rent in Houston. When we think of best, we think of most affordable. There are plenty of cheap apartments around campus. Be sure to check the university bulletin boards and other resources for housing. You maybe be able to find a roommate who can split the costs with you.

Choosing an Apartment Finder

If you are a student who isn’t familiar with the city, then a locator can be a great option for you. You can always browse for the perfect space on your smartphone, but that can take some time.

Websites like Craigslist and Zillow might not be the best option for you. An apartment locator can place filters on listings, offer you plenty of photos of the community you may desire, and even offer reviews. Our service is designed to save you time. Get official availability and pricing today. Call us now!