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Find Top Irving Rentals

Irving, Texas offers a whole host of fun and entertainment for the family. If you are thinking about moving to Irving, it’s just about 15 miles from Dallas. So you won’t be far from the big city. Irving is composed of a plethora of green-spaces including expansive lakes, tall buildings, Irving apartments for rent, lofts, and large custom homes. Irving is a master-planned community that many people love to call home, and with good reason.

Irving Parks and Recreation

There won’t be any lack of parks or lakes. Did you know that are about 43 parks and thousands of acres that are maintained? Enjoy activities ranging from hiking and biking to fishing and even canoeing. Irving even has its own dog park. Its separated into both large and small pet areas.

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Irving Private Homes

Apartments near Major Employers

Irving, Texas is home to its fair share of major corporations. Some of the major Irving employees in the area included Exxon Mobil, 7 Eleven,  and Fluor. The state receives a large share of its tax receipts from these behemoths.  Texas boasts numerous corporations. Thousands upon thousands of residents have descended upon this growing state. People always follow the job growth. And there is no lack of it here.

All of this makes choosing an Irving apartment a popular option. If your considering moving into the Irving area, there are plenty of rentals that will meet your needs. From lofts to regular apartments, to custom homes, there is something in Irving for the whole family. And Irving’s also home to plenty of restaurants and shops.

One nice aspect of Irving is the location. You will have access to popular highways including I-35 and I-635. The latter highway actually forms a partial loop around Dallas. You won’t be far from downtown Dallas or DFW airport. But the truth is, commutes are going to be very long, especially if you are going to Dallas every day. You will need your own car in Irving. So get ready for some traffic.

Be sure to have your favorite music, radio stations, and books on tape. If you think you might be able to commute by bike, then you might want to think again. Your best bet is to navigate around Irving by vehicle. But you can rest easy that your fellow citizens are stuck in the same predicament. It’s really hot here, especially in the summer. Did you really think that you were going to use your bike to go back and forth to work?

However, if your willing to take the DART Rail, you might be in for some luck. There is a rail station located at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. It serves the Orange line. It can be a relief to not have to worry about traffic when you can just jump on the rail. But it’s also public transportation. Be sure to ask your leasing agent about the rail lines around your new residence. In some cases, it can be a lifesaver. Especially if you have to get some last minute work done while your commuting. So just prepare yourself for longer commutes.

Popular Suburbs With Accommodations

 There are a few notable neighborhoods you will want to consider.  Look for rentals in Las Colinas, another planned community. This city showcases many new lofts, apartments, luxury hotels, soaring towers, and plenty of office space. There are many employers in the area such as Abbot Laboratories, At&t, and TXU Energy just to name a few. Las Colinas also boasts an exciting and growing nightlife, trendy restaurants, and more importantly, many residents love it for its safety.

The other community in North Irving, Valley Ranch boasts thousands of single family homes and many apartment complexes to choose from. It’s actually composed of canals, ponds, and trails that give it its own personal charisma. The system of canals in place helps to alleviate flooding and adds to the beauty. On a side note, the training facility for the Dallas Cowboys is located here.

Highway 183 actually runs directly through Irving. You could say that it creates a North and South distinction. The latter side is the cheaper side. You will quickly see that rents are much more affordable compared to its northern counterpart.

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What are the Current Rental Rates

You will find a large selection of Irving communities here. If your moving into the area, be ready to pay higher rental rates. Las Colinas commands some of the higher rents. Budget at least $1000 for a one bedroom apartment in Irving TX. But if you go a little farther north into the Valley Ranch area, you can find something a little more moderate. Valley Ranch apartments will start around $600 range and go up from there. They will come in all shapes and sizes. So whether you are looking for all bills paid rentals, or townhomes, you will have many options at your disposal. Studio units tend to be the cheapest in the community. Many times though they are also the first ones to be leased, so check with the leasing agent about their availability.

Getting Approved for an Apartment Fast

What will you need to secure your new Irving property? If you have never leased an apartment before, it’s pretty standard you will need a form of identification plus a form of payment. You also will need to meet the income requirements and have a clean rental history. The area is full of both large and smaller cheap properties in Irving TX. You can easily get lost in your Irving search. Large communities boast community pools, business centers, and many other features and amenities. But the good news, there are usually lots of deals. If you want something small and quaint, you will have to look a little harder. Check the local Irving periodicals and keep your eyes open. Rentals in Irving TX regularly run promotions including free rent.

Residential Features and amenities

So what kind of rentals are available? As you begin to view Irving properties in the area, you will notice many will exhibit soaring ceilings, granite counters in kitchens,  and stained wood flooring throughout the apartment homes.  Don’t rule out yards.  Many townhomes for rent in Irving TX will have small yards available. Most communities will accept your pets. The only guidelines you will normally come across: breed restrictions and weight limits. If you have an aggressive pet like a pit bull, you might want to look for a private rental or house.

Other Apt details to keep in mind

What else can we tell you about Irving? Be sure to do a little research about the apartment management company. And don’t just trust reviews you read online. Sometimes those are not the best methods of acquiring information. Many communities are now requiring renters to have a renter’s insurance policy, charge for pet rent,  and trash. Don’t be surprised by the miscellaneous fees, as they are becoming more commonplace. It’s always a good idea to start touring Irving rentals about 60 days out from the date you would like to move. And remember, most Irving rentals will want you to give at least 60 days before you move out too.

If you work in the area then Irving is going to give you almost everything you need. There are plenty of modern apartments to choose from and the rents are extremely affordable.

Why Trust Rentkidz

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