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Keller City Guide

Living in Keller puts residents at a stone’s throw from two of the most spectacular cities in north Texas. What’s not to love about living around the corner from Dallas, TX and Fort Worth. Who is Keller perfect for? It’s for renters who desire to live in the suburbs but need to get to one of the big metropolitan areas quickly. And with the freeway systems in place, it’s not too hard. Interstate 35 is just 4 miles to the West and runs south towards Fort Worth. And if you plan on flying, the DFW Airport is just 9 miles away. This is one of the largest airports in the country and provides great access to most airports in the country if not the world. A light rail also exists (Richland Hills Light Rail Station) which may accommodate your commuting schedule too.

Keller apartment pool

But that doesn’t mean that there is activity lacking in Keller. It has it’s fair share of entertainment too. There are still plenty of restaurants and local retail establishments in the area. You won’t have to go far to get what you need.

Keller development has seen a huge boom, especially in the residential development area. As of the last census the population almost reached 40,000 strong. There are plenty of apartments in Keller TX, homes for rent, and also retail construction. If you like to spend most of your time outdoors, there are plenty of parks, hiking and biking trails, volleyball courts, and baseball fields. So you can see Keller has been very well planned for its residents. And with a low crime rate, Keller is a choice for many future residents.
Popular Parks

Keller Parks near Home

Bear Creek Park will be one of the more popular parks within the Keller city limits. It encompasses about 44 acres and is complete with the following:

  • 2 Playgrounds Picnic Tables
  • Sand Volleyball Courts Basketball courts
  • Basketball courts Pond
  • Hike and Bike Trails In-Line Hockey Rink

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Important Apartment Leasing Tips

Here is what you should be aware of when you begin your search. The best way to secure your next place is to become familiar with the neighborhoods in the area. Always driving around and keeping your eyes peeled is a great start. You might come across private rentals with signs in the front yards for rent. Be sure to jot down the numbers on a notepad. You can contact the owner/landlord later and schedule appointments and ask all the important rental questions you may have. Keller boasts a lot of single-family homes, so if you are looking for his type of rental, you are in luck.

Renting a Residential House

How much are Keller homes to rent? You might be surprised at how affordable they are. There are definitely Keller rentals that can be found for under $1300. And these are homes, not apartments. There are perfect options for those who have larger families. But if you are just moving by yourself and want to move into something cheaper, Keller crash pads may be your best bet. You should also know that renting a home will usually require that you put down the first and last month’s rent. This is much more than standard apartment fees that usually just number in the few hundreds of dollars.

Looking for a Keller pad, then you should know that a 1 bedroom will cost you in the upper $700 to $800 price range? You should budget over $1000 for a 2 bedroom rental in Keller TX. Be sure to contact the leasing agents and make appointments for each property. Make a plan so you can see at least 5 properties in one day. This should give you an idea of what you can expect.

Requirements for Keller Apt Approval

In order to get approved quickly, you will need some form of identification, a form of payment, and references. Many Keller rentals can now approve you in less than a day. You should know that the deposit will vary from one community to the next. If you plan on choosing a private rental, be prepared to put down first and last month’s rent. This can be quite steep. The deposit usually will be much smaller for larger communities. And the community may offer specials that kick in and may lower your total out of pocket cost.

Why Choose Us

If your searching for something to rent in Keller, you have come to the right place. RentKidz can help you secure your next Keller home quickly. You probably have already browsed through larger listing sites like Zillow. Did you know that many communities pay many of these sites large fees to appear at the top of your searches? That might not be the best option for your interests. Our agents can send you the Keller listings that meet your criteria. What are you waiting for, call us today!