Apartments for Rent in La Porte, TX

Fairmont Oaks lies in amidst gorgeous setting in La Porte.  As you enter our community, you should know that you can choose from…

La Port City Guide

If there was anything that was famous about La Porte, TX, it would be the Battle of San Jacinto. It was the most important battle of the Texas Revolution and signified the independence of Texas from Mexico.

It’s a relaxing destination as people can lay out by the beach or take a dip in the water. Sylvan Beach is a popular one and has 2 piers, free parking, and allows portable grills. La Porte also boasts over 20 parks. If you enjoy long walks, hiking, and biking, then you will have miles of trails. La Porte is also a golfer’s dream. Take up a game at Bay Forest Golf Course.

Speed forward to today, and if you are moving to the area, you will be about 21 miles east of Houston. Renting apartments in La Porte TX is not a difficult process. Rentals here are cheap. Don’t expect a lot of amenities and features. They just really don’t exist here. But there are plenty of affordable listings that can make the perfect home.

How to Rent the Perfect La Port Property

That brings us to how you might go about finding the perfect La Porte rental. The truth is, it’s not that hard. If your looking for something newer, then your options will be even more limited. Some of the newer places in La Porte TX include Fairmont Oaks and the Plaza at San Jacinto. This city also sports a lot of Tax Credit properties and senior housing. Be sure to read up on how you might qualify for the 2 latter types of rentals.  They are going to offer you a good deal as rents here are cheap. They might even waive the application or administration fee if you are approved.

If you are not familiar with Tax Credit communities, you should know that these types of listings allocate a certain amount of units for renters that make a certain amount of money. If renters make more than a certain dollar amount, they won’t qualify for these apartment homes. Prices for those who qualify will be much less than the market rate.

How to Get Approved Fast and Move in

Once you have decided on your next apartment home, you will want to have all of the appropriate documentation with you. You will need proof of your ability to pay for the property.  This usually means proof of employment, proper identification, and proof of payment.

If you plan on renting a private place, you will want to have some references. Usually, owners and landlords won’t run your complete background like an apartment management company will. Having positive references will help expedite the process.

Flat Pricing

Compared to Houston, La Porte rentals are inexpensive. You can expect to pay in the $500 to $600 range for a 1 bedroom apartment in La Porte. That is super cheap!. The majority of properties in the area were constructed in the 70’s and 80’s. If you need all the bells and whistles in your next property, you may want to look elsewhere.

The Clear Lake neighborhood boasts many brand new apartment homes that might fit your criteria.  Also, consider both Deer Park for affordable pads. The latter area will have plenty of older residences with low prices.   If you can’t find anything around La Porte for rent, try using a realtor.

La Porte Recreation

There are a couple benefits to moving to La Porte. Unlike many other Texas cities that are not walkable, La Porte has a shoreline adjacent to Galveston Bay. This offers gorgeous views of the bay, plus there are numerous walking and biking trails that you will absolutely want to take advantage of.

You want to make sure you spend some additional time near Sylvan Beach. Not many neighborhoods in Texas can claim a constant ocean breeze. And it makes a world of difference during the hot summers. And speaking of festivals be sure and check out the Sylvan Beach Festival Crawfish. It usually occurs during springtime.

Locals also gain access to the Sunset Sip and Stroll Farmers Market. Browse the various vendors selling local produce or even enjoy a glass of wine. Main Street offers plenty of dining options and retail establishments. Be sure to watch the sunset.

How to Get Around La Porte

As far as public transportation goes, you won’t find much more than bus service here. If that’s all you need,  then be sure to check the bus schedule and route. But chances are you will need a vehicle for transportation. Southeast Texas has a lot to offer and in most cases, a car is a huge benefit. Highway 225 will be your main access point to downtown Houston. A southward approach on Highway 146 takes you close to Galveston Bay and Seabrook.

Otherwise, you are going to have all your normal retail and big brand stores. it’s a normal city. The population is just over 34,000 It’s not a large city. It’s close to popular beach towns like Seabrook and Clear Lake. And with a short drive to Houston, all your bases are covered.