Apartments for rent in Rockwall TX

Rockwall City Guide

You might be wondering where Rockwall is located? You should know that it’s another one of the many suburbs near Dallas, and is a wealthy one, to say the least. Rockwall is not a big city, with a population approaching 40,000. It’s going to offer you plenty of apartments in Rockwall, TX for rent, and an experience unlike what you can expect in most other popular areas around the Dallas region.

If your heart is set on a pad in Rockwall, it’s not going to be super easy to find a place. There just isn’t that much to choose from. If you cannot find the perfect apartment, you might want to look on the other side of the lake in Garland. However, if your open to private housing, you will have many more options. But don’t wait until the last second or you might find yourself scrambling. If you are going to rent a home, be sure you have references. Most homeowners are going to want to see that you have good credit.

So where do you start? You should know that Rockwall sits on 127 square miles of land, the rest is water. It’s perfect for those who don’t want the cons that come with living near a big city with traffic and noise pollution. Rockwall is for those that want to live in a more peaceful area. Dallas sure has its benefits. But many residents choose to leave congestion and stress behind.

Apartment living has never been so attractive. That’s one reason why renters are flocking to this small community. When have you had a chance to live around the corner from a lake and enjoy what it has to offer? Lake Ray Hubbard is a freshwater lake that covers a total of 22.745 acres. It was named after Ray Hubbard who looked over the area for around 20 years. That means there are plenty of water activities to partake in.  How about partaking in a variety of water activities like fishing, water-skiing, swimming, and boating? There are not many places near a big urban area like Dallas that offer this much fun.

Parks, Golf Courses, and Rockwall Festivals

Don’t forget about the multitude of parks and golf courses in Rockwall. You really get all the nature you could ever want in a place like Rockwall.

Founders Day Festival is something unique to Rockwall. Here residents enjoy plenty of awesome music and lots of carnival-style food. This includes items like funnel cakes, hamburgers, ice cream and turkey legs. Plus there are other activities like art and crafts and even a farmers market.

This year be sure and attend the “Texas Microfest”. If you love beer, then you will be in heaven. There will be myriad Texas breweries offering a variety of sections. And live music will be performing throughout the day.

If your moving near Rockwall, you will need a vehicle. The main Interstate is I-30. Even with a great lake location, this is still north Texas, so be prepared for some warm and humid weather. And the summers can reach triple digits.

Recreation near Residences

What can you do in Rockwall, TX? You already know a lake is nearby. So that leaves fishing and or just lounging around the lake. But there are also many great restaurants that are local to the area. If you are in the mood for a great burger, Boots Burger is a great place for lunch. Not only is it mouthwatering, the prices are too good to be true. A double hamburger with cheese with only set you back $4. There are plenty of great reviews, and for such a low price, it’s worth it.  There are plenty of museums, boutiques, and shops that are unique to Rockwall.

Outdoor activities are huge here. Anytime you have extensive hiking right outside, it’s a luxury not to be taken for granted.  Don’t miss out on the Rockwall parks. There is even a dog park,  (Harry Myers park) which is a huge bonus for animal lovers who like to get their pets proper exercise. It would be a shame if you didn’t explore what outdoor activities Rockwall offers.

You will need to have the proper documentation and a form of payment. The Rockwall community will also check your background as well. It’s no different than renting apartments anywhere else. There are 5 different neighborhoods and rentals are going to be scattered around them all. There are even a few Rockwall flats located around the water. These usually fetch a premium.

Rockwall Neighborhoods for Apartments

Williams Street: This portion has waterfront property right on the lake. There are quite a few apartments to choose from. Rents here will all begin over $1000 for 1 bedroom unit. Shenaniganz Entertainment Center offers activities ranging from Laser Tag to Bowling. Costco is also a popular destination.

N Goliad: It might be the most affluent neighborhood in Rockwall. Residents have great access to the lake. Fishing and boating activities are abundant. You won’t have much luck finding an apartment here. It might be a good section to rent a home. If you find something vacant, don’t wait too long to make a decision. But they will be pricey. The Rockwall Golf and Athletic Club is a big attraction here.

City Center: It’s not easy to find a place here. Any rentals will go fast. There is no waterfront property. Expect to find plenty of businesses, restaurants, and anything else that might be usually associated with the center of a city.

If your more interested in a private Rockwall rental, you might consider using the services of a realtor. Local agents know where the vacancies lie. Vacant rentals also will require a key to access the property.

Renting something here really gives you the best of both worlds. You are not too far from Dallas, yet you are not in the middle of the urban city if that is a turnoff for you. Having a lake and everything that comes with it is welcomed by many.

More About Residential Rental Rates

In the market for a place?  You can expect to pay less compared to Dallas. One bedroom apartments will start over $1000 for a 1 bedroom. That doesn’t seem like such a bargain. There just isn’t a large amount of apartment housing to choose from.  2 bedroom rentals in Rockwall TX can be found in the $1300 range.

Don’t forget about the features and amenities that properties in Rockwall. provide. How about a rental with hardwood flooring,  soaring ceilings, and plenty of natural light? Kitchens will include maple cabinetry and granite-like counters.

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