Alamo Heights Apartments for Rent

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Find Top Alamo Heights Rentals

If you are searching for apartments in the suburbs, and you want to be away from the urban city center of San Antonio, then you might find your next place in Alamo Heights. It’s about 5 miles north of downtown San Antonio and offers many conveniences that renters are currently taking advantage of. If you commuting towards downtown, this neighborhood is a great choice and you won’t be far from your destination.

This suburban area boasts several attractions including the San Antonio Zoo, the Alamo Quarry Market, and the McNay Art Museum, are just a sample of what’s available here. Here you can catch various exhibits, many are constantly rotating.  If you like golf, be sure to play a round of golf at The Quarry Golf Course

Alamo Heights is an affluent neighborhood, and residents are generally on the wealthy side.  Incomes are generally on the higher side.  Students will attend the Alamo Heights Independent School District. If your searching for Alamo Heights apartments, then you probably are pretty aware of what you are looking for.

This city itself encompasses only 2.1 total square miles. A small part of the University of the Incarnate World lies within its borders.

Utility Bill Pricing

Be aware that your apartment electricity bills in are going to be higher than your accustomed to in the summer.  Texas has very warm summers and mild winters. Be sure to speak with your leasing agent before you sign on the dotted line. Asking what the normal electricity and additional utility bills for rental homes should be mandatory.

SATX Apartment Pricing

You might be asking how much you will need to budget for a place? The Alamo Heights area is an affluent one. If you want something nicer and built relatively recently, you can easily spend over $1000 for a one bedroom apartment home. But this is San Antonio after all and there are plenty of affordable apartments too. For something built in the 70’s or 80’s, its possible to find rentals that are in the upper $500 and $600 dollar range.

One item that all apartments generally all have in common, the newer the property, the more expensive it will be compared to older apartments. This usually holds true unless the property is located in a heavily sought after part of town.

How to Search for a New Pad

Having problems finding the right apartments?  You might want to hire a realtor to lease a private rental. San Antone does contain a large number of homes, as it is located in the suburbs. You might hear that driving around and keep your eyes peeled for rental signs might be the way to do it. But any landlord or homeowner who is trying to market a rental will probably list it online. You probably have a better chance of finding something on the Internet than driving around in circles.

Deposits for Private Homes

Just keep in mind that home rentals are going to be much more than an apartment usually will be. The deposits are going to be much higher than a standard apartment home. If you plan on bringing any pets with you, there normally will be another deposit on top of the one your already paying. Also in many cases, a portion of the pet deposit is non-refundable.

And one more thing, be sure and allow yourself plenty of time of time to find your new home. A good rule of thumb is about 8 weeks out. Most apartments require tenants to give a 60-day notice and this will fall in line perfectly. If you don’t allow yourself the adequate time, you might either be rushed to make a quick decision, or you might find yourself in a place your not happy with.

There are only a handful of communities that you might deem “newer construction, ” so if you see a floor-plan you love, be ready to put down your application and deposit. But if you don’t need the latest and greatest, you will have some options.

If you don’t have to time to find a place on your own, there are many San Antonio locators who specialize in this sort of thing. Their service is 100% free. Need a list of cheap rentals?