Apartments with Yards in Houston, TX

Renting an apartment sure has its advantages. For one, people don’t have to worry about maintenance or paying property taxes. One of the biggest gripes we hear about is the lack of a yard. It is a huge inconvenience for pet owners who have to make routing trips outside the property.
Trust us, if it were up to renters, a majority of then would prefer a place with that backyard. Many would even prefer it over a gym or even a garage.

Luckily for many renters, apartments with yards are becoming more commonplace. But they will be limited in those communities due to the fact they are relegated to the first floor. Many Austin apartments and Houston apartments now have yards available for rent.

Is an Apartment with a Yard Meant for You

  • Be prepared to spend more. Apartment management companies will charge more for any extra amenity. This will apply to yards too. If you are on a tight budget, it may just be beyond your reach. But if you truly prefer this awesome extra, then you won’t mind spending a little more per month to get this much-needed add-on. 
  • Townhomes and condos with yards are going to be limited to residences on the first floor. Don’t be surprised if there aren’t any available. Some renters are even hesitant to rent one of these spaces because of privacy issues and safety. Depending on where the unit is located on the property, it could be in an area that is open to foot traffic from other residents. If you prefer your privacy, this may deter you from renting this type of unit. 
  • Yards with fences appeal to pet owners. It’s super convenient to let your dog out to get a little bit of exercise, sun, and even stretch. But it’s great for the renters too. Sitting outside with your favorite book or beverage certainly has its place in the apartment complex. 
  •  If all of the units are leased with yards, you might even want to consider putting your name on a waitlist if this amenity is important to you. As these units are in high demand. 
  • Not sure if it’s worth the extra bucks? Be sure this is something you are going to use. If you have a pet then it can be certain. He or she will use it multiple times a day. But if it’s just you, you may find yourself using it sparingly. Think about the savings you would have if you rented space with just a balcony or patio. If you live in a city like Austin with lots of sunshine and great weather your chances of using the yard will be high!
  • Some apartments may require that you place an additional deposit down if your unit has a yard.

Yard Maintenance

Don’t forget about one more thing that may break the deal. You are going to be responsible for your yard maintenance. This means you will have to cut the grass.

For some of you, that means you will need to purchase a mower, and don’t forget the cost of gas. If this sounds too unappealing (which we believe it does) many properties will charge you a fee to cut the grass for you.

My Mind is Made Up: What’s Next

If you do decide to rent an apartment with your yard, then you will need a list of properties that have yards. We conducted a quick search of apartments for rent in Houston, TX that have their yards. This should give you an idea of what these types of rentals are going for. 

  • As a reminder, a vast majority of complexes change their pricing regularly. So keep that in mind, because by the time you contact the community, prices probably will have changed. 

Holden Heights 

The Heights is certainly one of the more unique sub areas of the Houston rental market. With a great address near popular areas like Downtown and Upper Kirby, you can certainly get to where you area going fast. But the truth is, there is so much going on in the Heights that you get access to tons of bars and restaurants. 

Memorial Hills

The location is second to no and includes tons of amenities, Memorial Hills also has options with yards. Be prepared to pay in the $1200’s for the smallest units on-site.

apartment in Houston with a private yard


Aspen Forest

You will feel like you have your own private little house. This apartment community gives you a lot of space. The outdoor areas is great for hanging out. Add in some patio furniture and a grill and feel right at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Find Apartments with a Yard

Contacting an apartment locator is always a good decision. They should have software that allows them to filter in all of the properties with yards.

Do Apartments that come with yards cost more

yes they are certainly a coveted add-on. Many renters prefer this over garage parking