Many apartment complexes force or forced consumers to choose one cable provider. Renters only had a selection of cable TV. But today that no longer is a concern. There are a multitude of cable alternatives that anyone can use.

Tired of paying that cable bill that can easily go over $100 per month? We know that you love your TV shows, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot to watch them. If you are like most people, you have a budget that you’re trying to stay under. But recently many different options are worth your consideration.

Quick Note

Many of these options have been increasing in pricing. Youtube TV started in the $30 range, but now has increased to $64.99 per month. And this doesn’t include your internet connection. Be careful because by the time you factor in all of the options an upgrades, this may now rival your cable bill.


Cheap Cable Alternatives

  • Not only are these cheaper than regular cable TV, in many situations you can watch them on your phones, tablets, and computers. That’s a huge bonus when you are traveling or not at home. Plus the vast majority of these will provide Cloud DVR along with a huge library We have listed some great options.


  • Some of them won’t even require you to purchase any additional hardware. But if you love watching TV on the big screen, all the options are compatible with your television at home. You won’t need a repairman to come out and install them!

YouTube TV 

  • YouTube prices keep going up. You’re going to pay $64.99 a month to get started. You can record tons of shows without storage limits. Users can get 6 accounts included in their plan. Some add-ons allow you to pick up extras like Showtime, Stars, and HBO.
  • Enjoy 85+ channels. Plus you get local channels. Many of the other providers on this list don’t provide these or have those it a more limited capacity. 
  • You can watch YouTube TV on your iPhone, iPads, and even at
  • The saving grace with YouTube TV is the 6 different accounts. This means you can split them with friends and family. 


Probably the number one option in the country that everyone is familiar with is Netflix. They need no introduction. However, their pricing levels have recently changed. They offer a variety of tiers for their streaming services. You won’t gain access to cable channels or sports. But you will get to enjoy original their original content. 

The starting tier is $8.99 which is their basic plan. This allows you to watch on only 1 screen at the same time.  Also you won’t get HD or Ultra HD This is extremely affordable and probably the cheapest one on this list. 

The most expensive option is their premium plan. This allows 4 screens at once. Also HD and Ultra HD are available. 



Sling TV

Keep in mind this is just a shortlist. There are other options and many keep popping up. Cable companies have also responded by offering “lighter” versions of their content. DirectTV Now is an AT&T streaming service is one example. Always ask your cable provider about any current discounts to save money. One of the cheapest alternatives is Sling TV It’s great for those of you who want something cheap. You don’t have to worry about calling the cable company or disconnecting services. It goes wherever you go. There are packages that certainly will have the networks you desire. 

Pricing Tiers:

Sling Blue:

This level is $30 per month. You get 45 total channels. AMC, USA, and FS1, just to name a few. 

  • 3 device streams
  • no contracts
  • free 10 hour DVR

Sling Orange:

Sling Orange level is $30 per month. You get a ton of your favorite channels like Espn and CNN.

  • 1 device stream
  • no contracts 
  • free 10 hour dvr 

Orange Plus Blue

Or you can get both options. You get everything Sling has to offer for $45 a month. This doesn’t include the special add-ons though. 

Sling changes their content and pricing, so be aware that items can change!

Apple TV plus

Apple TV Plus Programming and Cost

For those of you asking about Apple TV, the service will launch on November 1st. At a cost of only $5 a month, this is extremely competitive to what else you can find in the marketplace. Promotions are out. If you purchase a new Apple item, you qualify to get an entire year of Apple TV Plus for a full year.   For the rest of us, we all qualify for 7 days free. 

Watchers will be able to view all of the content on the new Apple TV app on all of its devices. Other devices will include Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and some smart television sets manufactured by Samsung. 

As of yet, Apple has confirmed nine different titles. The Morning Show, For All Mankind, and Dickinson are just a few of the titles that will be available. 

Hulu TV

Another very popular live TV service is Hulu. They have different pricing levels. You can access it on several different types of platforms. Here are a few popular options.

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Mac and PC
  • Xbox
  • Android TV
  • Playstation 4 
  • Roku
  • Android TV

They do offer Live TV, which is comparable to many other options in the marketplace. We will focus on some of their most popular plans that are much cheaper. 

Hulu (No Ads)

This pricing tier will cost you $11.99 and gets you access to all of the Hulu originals plus other hits and movies. You can also pay just $5.99 a month and get the same access. But there will be ads. It is a small price to pay for a lot of content. 

Hulu does offer bundle packages. You can get Hulu, Disney +, and ESPN+ for $12.99 per month. 

If you want to purchase Hulu + Live television, the package starts at $54.99. 

In terms of content, there are literally thousands of shows and movies. 


Lets’ not forget about the lion in the room. Amazon offers a great selection of original content and movies. They call it Prime Video.  Best of all, it comes with your Prime membership. If you pay annually, this will come out to be $119. This is a very small cost. You also will have the option to buy or rent movies too. You can access membership through an application on your phone or with a streaming device. Amazon says that as of January of 2020, they have 150+ million Prime Video users.

Pros of New Cable Options:

  • They are much more affordable than the dominant players in the industry
  • You won’t have to rent or purchase any cable boxes
  • You won’t have to worry about any long term contracts and termination fees
  • Take the services with you on the go. Watch TV in the airport, restaurants, or at a friend’s house. 

Our Favorite Cable Remotes

Many of these devices like Apple TV and Roku will come with their own remotes. We will go over the best and worst remotes for these cable free alternatives here:

  • Amazon Remote
  • Apple Remote

No longer will you have to accept the exclusive cable companies that many apartments sign deals with. There are plenty of cable tv alternatives that offer renters a great watching experience.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Top Streaming Services Available

1) Neflix
2)Youtube TV
3) Hulu Plus
4)Amazon Prime Video
5)Sling TV
6)Apple TV Plus