Texas Real Estate Broker Sponsorship

RentKidz.com is a real estate company that boasts a compensation package for it’s agents that is extremely fair and affordable. Our sponsoring broker believes you should keep your money. No longer will you have to pay high desk fees and other costs with your sponsorship.

That is an added bonus for those of you who don’t want to pay Realtor Association fees. As many of you know those fees are hundreds of dollars per quarter.

This allows an agent to keep a vast majority of their commission. Most of you have experience in real estate and do the legwork on all of your deals. We just believe that you deserve to keep your commissions and run the business the way you see fit. Contact our team with any questions.

Agents we work with:

  • Apartment Locators
  • New agents
  • Experienced agents who need limited supervision
  • Real estate investors who hold a license
  • Apartment leasing agents
  • Apartment Managers
  • Part time agents
  • Commercial agents
  • Agents who work by referral only
  • LLC’s Brokers
  • Non Realtors

Agent Benefits

  • Keep all of your Commission at Closing
  • No more insane broker splits
  • Stop building your broker’s brand
  • No need to become a Realtor
  • No office meetings
  • Support from our Broker
  • No more paying high fees.
  • No silly desk fees
  • No phone time
  • No bureaucracy

Agents who have their real estate license can work from home on a part time or full time basis. There are no requirements. This allows flexibility to determine your own schedule.

Standard Agents

Our standard plan is or agents that will need some support. However, agents still get to keep the majority of their commission.

  • Perfect for agents who work part-time
  • Agents that have a lower amount of transactions
  • Commission will be paid at closing
  • Switch brokers now to keep your valued commissions

Top Producers

This plan allows the most freedom with the least amount of costs. These real estate agents generally have several years of experience and don’t require supervision.

  • Our brokerage has a plan for top producing agents and teams that want value their independence
  • These agents will get access to our state of the art lead management tools





A Program that Fits Your Needs

Rest assured, we have a plan that will fit your needs. Whether you require little supervision, or you just want to go at your own pace, our brokerage has the option for you. We also offer LLC brokerage sponsorship options.


  • Starts at low as $199 a month. Contact us for details.

We have several different options to choose from. Some of our plans are annual, while others are monthly. The good news is that you get to decide which one best suits your needs. Join our real estate brokerage today!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Sponsoring Broker

Every active real estate agent in the state of Texas will need to be sponsored by a real estate broker licensed in the state. This allows the agent to practice real estate legally. They are responsible for assisting and guide you througoutthe entire real estate process.

How much does a Sponsoring Broker Charge

A) Agents pay a flat fee each month to the brokerage regardless of whether they earn any money.
B) The second option is a split between the agent and the broker. They agent gets a percentage of the sale, while the broker earns a cut that is usually smaller.

How do I Find a Sponsoring Broker in Texas

A) Start by searching online. Be sure you have a specific set of questions for the broker
B) You can look up their TREC ID number online

How do I Become a Sponsoring Broker in the state of Texas

TREC will require that you meet certain qualifications to become a real estate Broker
*You must be a lawfully admitted Alien or a citizen of the United States
*18 Years of age or older
*You must meet TREC's additional qualifications

You can find more here