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There are many reasons why you might want to use an apartment locator. Especially in a city with the magnitude of Houston, it is extremely time consuming to secure a community entirely on your own. Of course there are plenty of apartment guide websites that you can browse. And its not too difficult to submit an application and get approved.  But how can you find that perfect place for you?There are literally hundreds of apartment for rent in the city. One of the simplest methods, is simply to engage in the services of a Houston apartment finder. And the majority of the services provided are 100% free.

You see, the majority of apartments in the city, will provide a referral fee to the agencies. It doesn’t increase your rent in any way. In simplest terms, renters get an apartment that meets their needs, and the locator receives a fee in exchange for sending the renter to the community.

There are many apartments in Houston and in the outlying suburbs and neighborhoods. . If your searching for your next apartment in Houston TX, RentKidz has several apartment locators  on-site who can assist you with your apartment search. So whether you need a apartment locator Houston today, or you have plenty of time, start your Houston  apartment search today.

Houston apartments come in all different shapes and sizes. From regular flats, to townhome style, to Houston  lofts, there is surely something that fits your size and scope.  And don’t forget about pet friendly apartment homes. Apartment communities will have certain restrictions regarding breed and size. If your pet is classified as an “aggressive breed” the community most likely will not accept your pet. A few communities will have “doggie interview” where they will want to classify your furry friend. And with regards to weight, some communities will set weight limits at around 35 pounds, where others may not have a limit at all. Using the services of an apartment locator Houston can really save you time, especially if you have a large dog or a unique rental situation.

Top Houston Neighborhoods:

Apartments in Downtown Houston

Apartments in Midtown Houston

Apartments in Galleria

Apartments in Medical Center

Apartments in Montrose

Apartments in Upper Kirby

Apartments in Uptown

Apartments in Houston Heights

Apartments in Westchase

Top Dallas Neighborhoods:

Apartments in Deep Ellum

Apartments in Downtown Dallas

Apartments in Highland Park

Apartments in Uptown Dallas

Apartments in Oak Lawn 

Apartments in M Streets

Apartments in North Dallas

Apartments in Downtown Fort Worth


Here are some tips and other pieces of information that you might want to know about leasing your next place around Houston.

A) The summers are a scorcher. Your utility bills will be higher than normal in the summer months. Usually the homes on the higher floors will require more air conditioning to cool the homes. You might want to consider a unit on the ground floor. If you have experienced high utility bills in the summer, you might want to consider a new apartment that offers the latest advancements energy efficient construction. And a good apartment locator Houston can assist you with this process.

And don’t forget about you vehicle. You might want to consider renting a Houston apartment with a parking garage, especially if you car has leather or cloth seats. If your vehicle is black, then it will be hotter than normal. And chances are the apartment community won’t charge you more if there is a parking structure on-site. Private garage rentals may cost you $80 or more per month. But that might be worth the extra dollars if you prefer a nice cool car.

B) Some communities will offer you “all bills” paid options. Thats great for those of you who don’t want to have to worry about paying light and water bills. But you should know that most of these communities were built in the 1970’s. This means that the complex will most likely not have upgrades that you want. So be sure and tour the communities in question and do your research.

C) Apartment communities will run a full background check, including your rental history, bankruptcies, and judgements against you. If you have any broken leases or judgements, you most likely will be denied. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t get approved. By paying off the amounts owed, the apartment community will normally deem you as an acceptable resident once again. If you have any specific questions, be sure to get with your locator or leasing agent on-site.

The highest concentration of apartments in the city include the inner loop and Galleria areas. Some of the more popular neighborhoods inside the 610 Loop include Downtown, Midtown, Rice Village, and the Heights. This is the area that also will fetch the highest rental rates.  Here are some advantages living in these areas.

*You will have close proximity to Downtown. This portion of Houston houses, employments centers, night life, and many entertainment venues.

*Memorial Park is home to miles of running trails, bike paths, golf courses, and other recreational activities.

*There are plenty of shopping destinations like Rice and Highland Park Village. And the Galleria sits just outside the westside of the 610 Loop and houses many of the famous anchors you would expect in a lively city like Houston.

Be sure to use our apartment finder to locate other specials in Houston, TX. RentKidz contacts apartments on a regular basis, and we rely the information we find to our prospective customers.

Be sure to contact our Houston apartment finder for deals like these. View our other Houston apartment specials on RentKidz.

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