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Covid-19 has changed the way apartment communities conduct business. In many cases customers won’t be able to take tours. All leasing and applications will be conducted online. Contact your locator to see live tours and photos.

Rentkidz is a full-service apartment locating company. Our goal is to provide our renters with the best pricing on apartment rentals.  All of our team members are also real estate agents and operate as apartment finders.

Searching for your next apartment can be extremely time consuming. That is where we come in. We will provide you with the most up to date pricing for the rentals that are most important to you. Each renter gets personal service tailored to their needs. 

Look below and start by browsing the neighborhoods on our apartment guide. Our agents are here to find you the best places with the prices, amenities, and current move-in specials you desire.

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What is an Apartment Locator

An apartment locator is also a licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas.  Remember our apartment locating services are always free. The agent will take your budget and any apartment specifics you have, and then match them with what is available in the apartment marketplace. We will never ask you to pay us a fee for your search. We also have software that allows  access to all of the properties. As a renter, there is nothing easier than having your agent email you pertinent listings. 

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✅ How our Locating Company is Different 

First of all, our site isn’t like the typical apartment finder websites that come with endless listings. We have a team that is in constant contact with real properties around the city. Each week we take the best apartment deals we come across and post them on our website. We advertise regular listings as well just in case you want something different. 

The apt complexes give us credit when you list Rentkidz on your guest card and application.

We want to make sure that you find a place that works for you. We will even make calls to the managers and try and find any specials or deals that you cannot.  Our real estate agents can offer you personal reviews of a variety of listings.  Once you find the place you want to move to, you just have to make sure you write Rentkidz on your application.


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Ask about Cash Back

Last, but certainly not least, ask one of our locators about how you can get cash back. Almost all of our customers qualify for an incentive. Don’t worry you won’t have to send in a self-addressed stamped envelope. We make it very easy for you.

Just make sure you list Rentkidz on your application and guest card. We have been in the business of finding  rental properties for many years. Our service only exists because so many renters need help finding their new home. We don’t do free moves here. We give you cash back instead after you sign your lease. Trust us, it’s easier for everyone.

✅How to Get Your Gift Check

  • List Rentkidz on your application
  • Notify your Real Estate Agent
  • Expect a check shortly after the property gives us credit




Frequently Asked Questions
✅ How Much Do Apartment Locators Charge

Our service is 100% free. The apartment communities will give us credit when you remember to list our name on the guest card and application.

✅ Can I Negotiate My Rent?

It depends. The larger apartment communities prefer not to. You can negotiate your rental renewals though. But private owners and landlords will negotiate with you.

✅ What do I need to Rent My First Apt

1) Pay stubs or proof of employment
2) Check or money order for deposit and administration fee
3) Drivers license or proper identification
4) Renters will also be responsible for an application fee

✅ Why Was My Apartment Application Denied

1) You didn't meet the income requirements
2) You have a broken lease or eviction
3) You lied about something on your application
4) There is something that came up on your criminal background check