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Rentkidz is a full-service apartment locating company. We are here for 1 reason. That’s to find you the best deals. Our team is made up of licensed real estate agents,  also known as an apartment locator.  Start by browsing the cities on our apartment guide.   Our agents are here to find you the best apartments with the prices, amenities, and current specials you want.

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Our apartment locators cover Austin, Dallas, and Houston. 


Houston apartments exist across the entire city. If you are not sure which suburb or neighborhoods you are looking for, you have your work cut out for you.  Our team of real estate agents has access to tons of specials we can pass onto you. Choose from an assortment of lofts and regular flats across town.


Dallas is one of these towns that have that vibe of excitement and just a great scene. New luxury apartments are going up everywhere. There are also historic buildings that have been converted into living spaces.  Uptown and Downtown are great places to start. Townhomes, condos, lofts, and apartments are all available.


Probably the most unique and laid back city in Texas, Austin has lots of live music, barbeque, and notable employers.  Downtown is a great place to start and offers luxury high rise apartments and lofts. Our real estate agents can offer you lives prices and assistance.

Then our Apartment Finders Get to Work

Then we take over. Our agents have specialized software that allows us to filter through hundreds of apartment rentals based upon a variety of parameters. Our agents can help you find cheap apartments or something with all bills paid.  We then send you a customized list of apartments with lots of photos and floor plans. We check on the latest availability and relay that information directly to you.

From there you can decide whether you love it, like it, or don’t even want to look at it.  We want to make sure that you find a place that works for you. We will even make calls to the apartment managers and try and find any specials or deals that you cannot. Our agents can offer you personal reviews of a variety of listings.  Once you find the place you want to move to, you just have to make sure you write Rentkidz on your application. 

When you move to cities in Texas a locator really does come in handy. You might be saying to yourself about now that you can find the perfect apartments in any city, no matter the size. And while that might be true, is that the best choice available to you? Unless you have an unlimited budget and aren’t’ looking for any great deals, then a locating service might not be in the cards for you. It’s always a good idea to get the apartment ratings of the listing your interested in before you apply.

But if you are one of those renters that like great verified deals and wants plenty of properties to view before they sign their next lease, then be sure and talk with one of our official licensed agents. Many of them are actual Realtors who are members of HAR. They can get you pricing on condos and private homes for rent. Get listings in neighborhoods that are most important to you.

Ask about Cash Back

Last, but certainly not least, ask one of our apartment locators about how you can get cash back. Almost all of our customers qualify for an incentive. Don’t worry you won’t have to send in a self-addressed stamped envelope. We make it very easy for you. Just make sure you list Rentkidz and your apartment finder on the application and guest card. We have been in the business of finding people apartments and other properties for many years. Our service only exists because so many renters need help finding apartments. 

How to Get Your Gift Check

  • List Rentkidz on your application
  • Notify your Real Estate Agent
  • Expect a check shortly after the property gives us credit