Upper Kirby Apartments

Surrounded by an affluent neighborhood including high end shops, homes, and apartment complexes, the Upper Kirby district in Houston is
located in the central part of the inner loop.  Its location is bordered by downtown and Montrose to the east and the Galleria to the west. Whether you prefer high end shopping or dining destinations, Upper Kirby has something for everyone.

Upper Kirby Apartments Houston

Upper Kirby apartments in Houston will fetch some of the highest rates in the city. But the location is truly second to none, and the Upper Kirby communities themselves; will be on the cutting edge of development. Many renters talk about how their rent payment is almost like a mortgage on a home. But to many, these apartments are well worth it.

This section of town has an extremely high concentration of condos, high rise buildings, and Upper Kirby apartments Houston. If your searching for housing in this area you will have a myriad apartments to choose from. And with a location that is top notch, there is not much of a reason to leave the Upper Kirby district.

Right around the corner from your Upper Kirby apartments Houston, you will have numerous restaurants, clubs, and bars. If your note interested in those sorts of things, the Museum District, Downtown Houston, and Zoo are just minutes away.

Ok, if your looking at this Upper Kirby district in Houston, you probably already know a little bit about what it can offer you. So what apartments should be you searching for? Well first off, you should know that 1 bedroom apartments around Upper Kirby will fetch well over $1000. But as with any search, older apartments are almost always cheaper. If you care more about location than amenities you will want to check out Sendera at Greenway, Avalon Square, and Gables Cityscape. Many older Upper Kirby rentals are being torn down, and chances are that they won’t last much longer. The latter 3 apartments are by far the most affordable. But you should be aware that there are waiting lists at many of these properties.

Why the high pricing? Houston has seen an influx of many potential renters, and the inner loop is one of the most desired sections of tow, especially Upper Kirby. The oil and gas industry has attracted thousands of future residents. And with their higher wages, it has driven up rents. Older apartments have been torn down and replaced by tall skyscrapers. Many renters who were accustomed to paying lower rents, have been pushed farther west.

And chances are those lower rents will never come back, for apartments at least. You might try driving around the Montrose area looking. Look for “for rent” signs in the yards. These types of rentals are usually older and won’t fetch the high pricing that apartments are charging today. It always helps if you can find a roommate. That’s a great way to cut costs. Be sure to view some of our Upper Kirby apartments Houston below.

How much are Upper Kirby rentals

If your searching for a good deal here, we must first define what a “good deal” is. Pricing for the majority of one bedroom apartments are well over $1000 per month. Just a few years ago it was feasible to secure apartments under that number. Today, renters can expect to pay over $1200 and beyond for 1 bedroom apartments. Although pricing is predicated on the location in town, other factors like the age of the property, and square footage also will determine the price per square foot.

One of the best methods to secure a great deal is to shop around. But be aware, that you will spend a fair amount on rent. Rentkidz can help you find great deals on apartments in Houston. Upper Kirby is an exciting area and we can point you in the right direction. If you are one of those renters have have to get the best deal on their next apartments, you might want to consider renting from a new Upper Kirby community. Many times these newer apartments will offer the tenant 1 or 2 months free on their next lease term.

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