Apartments in Richardson TX

If your looking for apartments in Richardson TX, you have come to the right place. One of Dallas’s more popular suburban areas, Richardson is located just about 14 miles north of Dallas. As many cities in Dallas, Richardson is also home to many major corporations including Fossil and Wingstop. So you can assume that Richardson is surrounded by major employment centers, and is one reason why the whole state of Texas has shown a huge increase in apartment construction.

Richardson is also known for great schools. Many families appreciate this. Two well known colleges in the area include Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Dallas. The greater Dallas area has a thorough freeway system, and residents of Richardson will have access to popular freeways, including Interstate 635, Highway 75, and the George Bush Turnpike. If you live in Richardson, you will need a vehicle. Like many Texas cities, public transportation can be limited.

However, for those of you you work or go to school in downtown Dallas, the DART Rail does provide public transportation. It sure is convenient to avoid the heavy traffic in Texas cities. And this can be a great option for residents in the area.

If you enjoy outdoor activities like golf, water sports, or biking, you will also enjoy your new suburban home. Who said living in a town on the outskirts of a big city was boring? Richardson is home to the Firewheel golf course. There are also several parks like Point North Park and the Gallatin Woodland Preserve.

What kind of things can I do at night

What about entertainment? Of course Dallas is nearby. Richardson boasts its own set of bars, music halls, restaurants, and other spots where locals gather. Its like any other suburban town. It has its spots. But the truth is, if your looking to have a great time, you might want to consider going to Dallas. This urban center offers so much more in the form of entertainment including sporting events, concerts and much more. So how far is the drive? It’s a little over 14 miles one way. Highway 75 will offer you the fastest route South. If you need a change of pace, why not visit one of the most exciting cities in Texas.

Finding Richardson apartments

Searching for Richardson apartments can be a challenge. There are quit a few apartments to choose from. Our apartment finders at RentKidz can definitely get you pointed in the right direction. But the good news is that apartments in Richardson TX are highly affordable. By choosing Richardson you will avoid the high costs of the urban centers of Dallas. So whether your looking for brand new apartments with all the bells and whistles, or Richardson apartments that are a little older, you will have rental options. Take a few minutes and browse the list of Richardson apartments below.

You shouldn’t have a hard time finding the right place. As the population of north Texas has increased, so has the number of apartments for rent. It really comes down to what you want to spend on your monthly rent. You might be wanting to know how much Richardson apartments will cost you? Newer Richardson apartments will cost closer to $1000. Its really like any other suburban town. The older apartments charge less than the newer ones. But that goes without saying. Remember that if apartments appear to be a bit older on the exterior , that doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t recently been renovated. And many older Richardson apartments are undergoing renovation to keep up to date with the latest trends and features.

What else do I need to know about renting Richardson apartments

Before you sign your lease, ask the apartment manager if you can walk-through the Richardson unit first to see the condition. Also be sure to schedule another walk-through just before you move out. You can get idea of what will be deducted from your deposit (if any) after you move out. Leases usually run from 6 to 12 months, and if you choose standard apartments for rent, you will pay a lower deposit than a private rental. Usually apartments will want you to make between 2.5 and 3.5 times the monthly rent. Ask about pet deposits and pet rent at this time as well. The lease contract is a document you should become familiar with. It will answer the majority of the questions you have.

Be sure to contact one of our apartment agents. They are very familiar with Richardson and get you pointed in the right direction.<

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