Apartments for Rent in Alpharetta, GA

26000 Mill Creek Ave, Alpharetta, GA 30022 Beds: 1-2 Baths: 2-2 Alpharetta is that city far away from the hustle and bustle…

Alpharetta GA City Guide

Located in Fulton County, GA, Alpharetta is an extremely affluent area in the state today. The median income for a household today is over $180,000. Just 25 miles north of Atlanta, this area attracts renters who want to get away from the big city, but do enjoy what it has to offer. If your looking to get away from noise pollution and the frantic chaos that a big city provides, then you have finally arrived home. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t much going on here. Alpharetta is also an employment center and many residents from all over come here on a daily basis. The daytime population does increase quite a bit with all of the commuters.

High Tech Jobs

Alpharetta is home to many hi-tech companies including Verizon Wireless and GE.  This suburb of Atlanta is one of the faster-growing communities in Georgia today. More than 3,600 businesses including locally owned stores and corporations engage in activity in the area today.

Recreation, Attractions to Your New Home

Alpharetta sports the North Point Mall, which boasts over 1.3 million square feet of retail, dining, movie theaters, and a roller skating facility. Attractions to the city are many and include the Alpharetta Farmers Market, the Alpharetta Arboretum at Willis Park, and an outdoor theater. The farmers market is a weekly attraction in the downtown area that is open for business hours from 8 AM to 12:30 PM from April through October. You can purchase vegetables, flowers, jams, and many other goods.

The Verizon Wireless at Encore Park is host to several concerts and symphonies. There are also a lot of local restaurants in the area that are extremely popular. So skip the chains and dine in. You will be happy you did. Many locals love the Sage Woodfire Tavern. Stop in and enjoy some of their happy hour specials.

There are several additional attractions including Waggy World Paw Park. Many renters who are cautious about the limited space for pets in apartment homes will be happy to know that they can take their pets to a 1.5-acre dog park. Enjoy exercise and play with your pets.

But at the end of the day, Alpharetta apartments aren’t for those sorts of renters who desire a lot of nightlife, trendy clubs, and bars. It’s for those sorts of renters who like to come home to the suburbs, go to bed at a decent hour, enjoy shopping malls, and long walks in the park. Looking for myriad bars, clubs, and lots of late night hotspots, you might want to try nearby Atlanta.

Apartment Rental Pricing

So you know that the incomes of residents are higher than the average. And this might lead you to believe that real estate values are also high. This is true. But there is a silver lining for renters who are in the market. Did you know that properties are extremely affordable? How much can you expect to pay for 1 bedrooms? You might get lucky enough to find a spot in the high $800’s. Remember that a good rule of thumb, the newer the property, the more expensive. That’s just the way it is. Developers don’t build new rentals to charge less than older counterparts.

Always keep your eyes open for rent specials. Apartment managers love to run specials including no deposits or offer 1 month free on a longer-term lease. Renters love deals and are more inclined to sign when they feel they have something too good to pass up.

Apartment Amenities and Features

Alpharetta properties offer a variety of selections for renters including luxurious accommodations with affordable pricing. Here are some features and amenities you might find. Renters love state of the art kitchens featuring granite counters and stainless steel appliances. The good news is that most of the rentals are modern.  Looking for a good deal, keep your eyes peeled. Most of the time you can find a landlord you will give you a small break on the rent.

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