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Austin TX City Guide

Lets start off by saying that the most expensive apartments in Austin can be found in Downtown. If you like luxury buildings and lots of extra amenities, start there. With Apple building a new campus here, you can expect rents to further increase.

There is so much to love about Austin. With a rich history, great work opportunities, and lots of extracurricular activities, you can see why so many people move to the capital of Texas. Many might say that the geographical location is unmatched by any other metropolis in the state. Austin features lots of rolling hills, lakes, and rivers which provide perfect recreational activities. here are plenty of modern new Austin rentals available for rent.  Housing can also be found in both the north and south parts of Austin. There is no best area.

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Did you know that Austin is located right on the Colorado River?  The elevation does vary by 600 feet from its lowest to the highest point above sea level. Like its neighbors, Austin has red-hot summers and mild winters. That’s perfect for those of you who prefer to wear shorts for the majority of the year and hate to shovel snow from your front porch.

Known by the slogan “keep Austin weird”, residents here think of themselves a little different than those that live close to other Texas cities. It’s known as the “live capitol music of the world”.  Did you know that it is home to over 200 live music venues?  Austin also features notable restaurants and is home to the  University of Texas. The Texas Longhorns are the most important sports topic around the city,  as it lacks any professional sports teams. And residents here like it that way. So read on to discover what this city is all about and you try and locate the perfect Austin listings available for rent.

Among the observations and prognostications: “The Austin economy is operating near or at full employment, which is making it difficult for firms to hire workers.” That tight labor market is expected to slightly limit employment growth rates for the next two years.(R)

Austin Business and Economics

What makes any economical city sound, are great employment opportunities. Many companies have recognized an opportunity in the form of low tax rates,  and are reaping the benefits. Many notable companies such as IBM, Apple, and Dell (headquarters in Round Rock) have sizable interests in this southern region. It’s a major hub for computer software and hardware companies around the entire country.

It’s no secret that the economic environment has led to an explosion in the entire population. Texas has no personal or corporate income tax to speak of.  The Austin population is well over 900,000 and continues its explosive growth compared to the rest of the nation.  As a result there has been an explosion of apartments, condos, and townhomes to fill the demand.

The greater Austin area claims its workforce is one of the most educated in the entire country. Over 41 percent of adults hold an undergraduate degree,  compared to just over 30 percent for the country. That puts Austin in rare territory. The region claims to have over 50 universities and hundreds of thousands of students in universities.

Recreation and Fun Close in Austin

Not only is Austin affordable, it has a high economic growth rate. Anytime jobs are in high demand, you can bet that those looking for employment will come calling. Not only do you have renowned companies, Austin also has a spectacular environment and vibrant culture.

If you decide to lease a rental in Austin,  you will have access to myriad pubs, lots of live music venue, and of course some of the most flavorful restaurants around the country.

Not sure where to start? You can’t go wrong with choosing to live in Downtown. The epicenter of the city is home to myriad hiking, biking, and water activities.  Whether you are up for an early jog or a row in the Colorado River, residents have a plethora of options.  This area is highly walkable. And it’s easy to see why Austin is one of the states fittest cities.  Downtown also is home to a litany of retail shops, outdoor spaces, and sightseeing. Many accommodations will be located near the stops you most frequent. Most Downtown Austin apartments are going to fit in the luxury category.

How to Get Around Austin

Like most Texas cities, you probably will need your own vehicle. Students who live near walking distance of the University of Texas can probably do without. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any reliable metro options. Capital Metro Rail runs from north to south and back. There is also Metro Bus. Students can catch a bus to and from the University of Texas with a valid ID.

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Popular Neighborhoods w/ Apartments in Austin

We have to start with Sixth Street. It’s probably one of the most well-known areas around the city and is home to plenty of bars, music, and food. It’s one of the favorite stops in the city.

The Arboretum is located in the northwest. Not only are you going to see lots of apartments here, this area boasts lots of retail and shopping opportunities. The Arboretum at Great Hills is home to some of your favorite restaurants and stores. Its setting is heavily wooded.

To the south, Barton Hills is home to mostly older residences, and plenty of places to live in South Austin. It also features the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Hiking and biking are plentiful here. There is also a nearby spring.  If you love the outdoors then this might be the place for you.

The capital of Texas has some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the entire state. West Lake Oaks-Bee Creek Terrace might be the richest across the entire city. Residents are located in close proximity to the Colorado River,  and have awesome views,  and are zoned to some of the finest schools in the city.

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Apartment Rental Tips to Remember 

One thing you can absolutely count on is the summer heat. And we mean super hot. Count on your air conditioning bill to hit the far reaches of the solar system. But newer communities have top-notch energy efficiency. That should help reduce your usage.  Also, be prepared for a apartment rental notice at the end of your first lease term. That is pretty standard in most places, especially if there aren’t many vacancies.

Furnished listings are going to be very pricey. Be sure to check with a furniture rental companies for a comparable price.  There aren’t many cheap apt housing options Downtown.

Ask about the availability of floor plans before you tour.  Photos can be misleading. Try not to make a final leasing decision based upon a photo of an apartment in Austin you viewed online.

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Apartment Pricing in Austin

Like any major city, certain neighborhoods will be considered “hot” while others are not. And concessions will be made when necessary. Deals will come in 3 different forms. These include free rent, a move in special, and discounted floor-plans.  It’s safe to say that a 1 bedroom apartment in Downtown will easily fetch over $1500 per month.

Try Craiglist for many additional local listings. You might discover private houses for rent in Austin. A good apt locator in Austin can cut your search time down.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Cheap apartments in austin ?

Try south along I-35 near San Marcos. You might be able to grab something in the high $700-$800 range. The southeast side towards Riverside Drive also boasts very affordable rental rates.  North Lamar features many properties with units constructed in the 80’s. All of these latter neighborhoods will help you avoid the jaw-dropping rents many are paying today.

Is this really the norm for renewing your apt lease in Austin?

If you are referring to rent increases, then typically yes. Especially if your building has very few vacancies. This will occur every year. So you might want to sign a lease as long as possible. If you choose to go with a private rental, then you may escape these sorts of increases in your rent.

Any clean and nice apartments close to austin around 750?

Not really. If you can find a roommate then you shouldn’t have a problem finding a 2 bedroom for $1500.