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Downtown Dallas City Guide 

Dallas Texas boasts plenty of corporations and businesses.  Downtown is home to many company headquarters and many government and city buildings. This section of town is full of striking architecture and contains many forms of modern construction. Downtown includes a number of hotel rooms,  Downtown Dallas apartments for rent like lofts,  an enormous amount of restaurants, and much more. There are also many districts that encompass the area that many of the locals discuss in their lingo.  This can create confusion. Just remember that Downtown is considered the epicenter of the city and there is plenty to do. Pricing here has continued an upward trend into 2019 like many of it’s nearby neighbors. Renters living in current apartment spaces can expect rent increases in the mail for this new year.

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Apartment properties Downtown are some of the most popular in the entire city. Modern innovative communities should cater to your needs and lifestyle. Many apartment rentals contain all the amenities you desire. Downtown accommodations will come with a variety of floor plan selections. High rises boast astounding views that are not available in other parts of Dallas today.

Dallas Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and is one of the largest urban centers. You will notice modern architecture that is absolutely stunning. Dallas also boasts several attractions,  including professional sports teams, a music scene, annual festivals, lots of social activities, and much much more. It’s also a great place to rent studio listings for a cheap price.

You should also know that the area is very walkable. As most inner city areas are, its a bustling metropolis. You will have access to retail, restaurants, entertainment, and even parks. It’s no wonder why the area is so popular.

Residential Building Conversions

The urban center is full of historical buildings, and developers saw an opportunity to revitalize many of these by converting them to livable space. If you have lived in the area for an extended period of time, then you can attest to this. It has become a major draw for renters, looking for a temporary place to call home. What once was home to many older structures housing telephone companies and other businesses, now includes living residences, complete with stunning views from the rooftops, and jaw-dropping pools.

Until recently, Downtown was not a very friendly residential part of town. It now has totally been transformed.  Renters have begun to move back to the downtown area. Rent for Downtown Dallas units is extremely competitive. You won’t need to spend your whole paycheck in order to secure one of these stunning homes.

Notable Dallas Districts

There are plenty of subdivisions located in Downtown. Each has its set of characteristics. We won’t go into them all, but there are many notables you will want to become familiar with.
Deep Ellum and the Baylor District lie east of I-45.  The former boasts storefront property and residential development. It’s a great neighborhood to rent a loft. 

Dallas Farmers Market District lies West of Deep Ellum and is a perfect place to shop for fresh produce and other items. It’s usually open on the weekends so check the schedule. Be sure and check for private Dallas townhomes and apartments in this area.

Victory Park is located just East of Interstate 35 as is considered part of the Dallas Uptown District.  Victory Park is also home to American Airlines Center. There are also numerous hotels, restaurants, and cafes such as the House of Blues. It’s also the perfect spot to rent Downtown apartments. They are pricey but they do have all the bells and whistles.

The Historical West End has a colorful past and is a Dallas Landmark District. Therefore its protected from any maintenance and remodeling. If changes or alterations are to be made, then its permit must be reviewed. It is lined with historical buildings.  Events are held here yearly which included the Taste of Dallas, the West End Block Party, and more.

Downtown Dallas apartment for rent

Types of Downtown Dallas Accommodations

Whether you prefer state of the art space,  with a myriad of upgrades like granite counters, and soaring ceilings, or something a little less cutting edge, you will have many options to choose from in this major metropolitan area today. Luxury lofts, high rises, and regular flats are available for rent. Dallas Texas exudes awesome and exciting experiences, and living in the area will put you in the middle of it all.

If you enjoy visiting parks and like large green-spaces, you might want to look elsewhere, as there isn’t much of that here. If you have pets, some Downtown communities actually have dog parks onsite. That sure is a sigh of relief for pet owners that know their pets need their daily dose of exercise.  

What Types of Lofts to Expect

The Downtown area sure has a large concentration of lofts and high rises for rent. Choosing lofts is definitely a unique experience, as they are not as predominate as flats. When you tour the loft style communities, you will come across features that are unique,  including exposed ductwork, stained concrete or solid wood in many cases, large expansive windows, and of course tall ceilings. A great view accompanies many of these too. You should know that over 2 billion dollars have been invested in this area since 2002, which is a big reason why this neighborhood has transformed into such a popular area.

Finding your next place in the downtown area will be exciting. And living here even more so. There are all types of listings that range from luxury apartments with all the amenities to studio floor plans to affordable floor plans. What’s so nice about the Downtown neighborhood, is that if something is going on, it’s probably not far from your doorstep.

Popular Entertainment Destinations

American Airlines Center is a sports complex right in the heart of downtown that is home to both the Dallas Stars and Mavericks. It was erected in 2001 and is not used for just sporting events. Ticket goers can also view concerts and other forms of entertainment. Metallica, Miley Cyrus, and Madonna have all performed here.

And with the construction of the arena, local businesses have followed and flourished. Popular restaurants and bars in the immediate area include Neo Pizza, Victory Tavern, and Draft Picks. Enjoy food, drinks, and a loud Dallas crowd. 

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How to Get Around Downtown

There are a couple of convenient ways to get around the area. The DART has stations located right in the area.  It’s one of the best ways to get around the city. Ditch your car and learn how public transportation can make your life so much easier. The DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) covers large portions of the city.   Also, many destinations are within walking distance. You probably will want to have your own car on hand for longer trips. Commuters will have access to the major freeways. These include Highway 75, I-30, and the North Dallas Tollway. There is much to do and see in Dallas, such as parades, festivals, sporting events, and much more.

Pricing of Residences

What can you expect to pony up for apartment rent in Downtown? You can rent a studio unit here for under $1000, but also there are places whose rents can easily exceed $1500. Once again its all about your budget and what you are looking for in your next place. A real estate agent can send you the comparison of different options in Downtown Dallas.  If your searching for space in a congested area full of condos, townhouses, and apartments, a good locator will provide you with availability and lots of photos.  Why drive around when you can have all the properties sent right to your email inbox?

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Submitting Apartment Applications

Once you finally arrive at the community that you know you want to rent; you apply. This will include filling out an application, a form of payment for the deposit, and other miscellaneous fees, and of course your identification. Some communities can approve you in just minutes. Others will need to verify your previous references. Most of the residences will accept first-time renters, so you shouldn’t have to worry if you have never rented before. Most rentals will be pet-friendly. But expect to pay a large deposit and additional pet rent. This has become standard across many different communities today.

You better have a clean rental history. If your background check shows that you owe money to another apartment or landlord, you will be denied.

You really cannot go wrong here. Downtown doesn’t have a bad location. And this means everything important will be close.  Enjoy awesome food, stunning architecture, and unlimited fun. But fear not. Downtown isn’t for everyone. There are many other great nearby neighborhoods. Highland Park rentals, Oak Lawn, and Knox Henderson all deserve your attention.

Why Use Rentkidz

There are a number of popular websites that you can use such as Apartmentfinder and Apartmentlist.  But the fact remains that these websites display apts that pay them a monthly fee. There are many communities that choose not to advertise on these apartment guide websites. We also have agents on hand who provide you with lists of apartments, houses, and townhomes in the Dallas area.

Our agents will also contact the properties on your behalf and update you on real-time availability and official Downtown pricing. We can sort apartments by the zip code, school district, unit sizes, and more.  Our locators will provide you with lots of photos, floor plans, regarding the listings you deem important. 

So what are you waiting for?  Whether it’s a studio or cheap apartments, or something furnished, call us today.