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Before you read further, this renowned section of Dallas will fetch the highest rental rates in the entire city. For 2019 you can expect pricing will into the higher $1k range.

Uptown deserves its own city guide. Our website provides clear detail of what you can expect when looking for your next Uptown Dallas apartments.  This section of town is exciting, energetic, and dynamic. Residents get to take advantage of a collection of great restaurants, upscale retail options, and lots of bars. It might be the most popular area to rent apartments in Dallas. If you don’t believe us, then look for yourself.

Today Uptown has about 25,000 residents and 20,000 people work there.(R)

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Before you begin your apartment search, you should know that there aren’t many affordable rentals here. Many apartment complexes will market themselves in “Uptown. Many are really in their own district. And there are many of them. So its best to get a feel for what each district provides.  But as with any apartment search, it’s best to research the area and then make a list of properties which might meet your needs.

Where exactly is Uptown and why are so many people talking about it? First of all, many residents believe this is the absolute best place to rent an apartment home. Uptown boasts a central location. Renters won’t be far from many popular points and we can safely say, you might never have a dull moment. That’s what Uptown can promise you.

Uptown is an affluent area and borders rentals in downtown Dallas, the Central Expressway, Victory Park, and is near the West End. All of these areas have their own colorful culture and boast apartments, lofts, and high rises.

McKinney Ave is the place where a lot of the action happens. Here you can discover more bars and restaurants than you could ever possibly come to visit.

Popularity of Uptown

Dallas contains something for just about everyone. Some attractions such as the Dallas Holocaust Museum, the Dallas Aquarium, the House of Blues, and the West End Pub. There is also plenty of shopping and dining and local stores like Wild Bill’s Western Store and Kokopelli Chocolate.

You might not know that Uptown has 4 old cemeteries that provide a stark contrast from the nearby modern Uptown buildings and office space. There is actually a self-guided Uptown Trails Cemetery tour. Enjoy meandering through this historic area that features sculptures and other markers.

Take your time and tour properties that you may feel might feel would benefit you. There are many Uptown accommodations that have been revitalized. Expect lofts spaces with high ceilings and non-carpeted flooring. But if you desire something more modern, you will also have enough selections as well. This neighborhood is one of the most exciting parts of Dallas today.

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Apartment Rental Pricing

Modern Dallas properties contain infinity edge pools, business centers with WIFI, fitness gymnasiums sport free weights, exercise equipment, and more.  If your budgeting for a one bedroom, you should know that prices for one-bedrooms will most likely begin near the $1200’s. Newer communities will charge the most as they usually have the most bells and whistles. Rents can exceed $2000 to start, or you can find Uptown Dallas rentals under $1000. Rent a studio floor plan if you want the cheapest rate in the apartment community.  But it takes a little more work on your end in doing so.

Many of you may decide that Uptown is just a little too pricey. Look farther north. North Dallas apartments offer many affordable rentals that are still super nice.

What’s Uptown like

If your planning on moving near the area, you should know that it is very walk-able. The streets are lined with restaurants, bars, art galleries, and plenty of places to find unexpected treasures.

Uptown is perfect for those who love to ride bikes and take long strolls. It’s the perfect way to explore what is around town. There is even a trolley service that you can jump on.  These M-Line electric cars travel through various parts of Uptown. These include McKinney Avenue, Cityplace West Village, and the State Thomas Historic District.

If you are young and love the idea of walking to a from popular hot spots, then this area may be exactly what you have been dreaming of. But if you also want some peace and quiet away from those that stay out in the wee hours of the morning, you can get a place here too! Be sure to check with the leasing agent if you are concerned about noise levels. They probably are well aware of any complaints that other residents have brought to their attention.

Dallas Commuters

Are you wondering how you will get around the city? You should know that Dallas does have a lot of traffic and it seems construction is always going on around different parts of the city. If your commute leads you onto one of the freeways, you can expect wrecks and delays during rush hour. But this might be a small price to pay for living in one of the most popular and exciting parts of the neighborhood. Commuters will have access to nearby US75 and the Dallas North Tollway.

There are many different rentals to choose from, and they are within minutes of some of the most popular destinations. Living in Uptown may just be what you have been searching for.

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Appealability of Uptown

Uptown is also home to plenty of commercial property, restaurants, retail, and cafes as well. It’s extremely pedestrian friendly and there are a whole host of reasons why residents and businesses are drawn to the area. It’s extremely desirable. Office rents, as well as apartments, fetch some of the highest rents per square footage in the area.

Crime and safety

Almost all renters are concerned about their safety and well being while they are living in a larger apartment community. Uptown has experienced reduced crime over the years as a result of an increased police presence and boasts several cameras that the police monitor continuously.

Uptown Economic Improvements

Uptown is classified as a Public Improvement District or (UPID).  It’s a tax or an assessment that is imposed upon property owners. It helps to keep the area looking brand new. It helps with city services, landscaping, and other improvements that you may notice as you cruise around town.

Dallas Fairs and Festivals

The State Fair of Texas, an annual event in the Fall, is held at Fair Park in east Dallas. It’s highlighted by the Texas Oklahoma football game, which occurs here as well. With live music, rides, and food, it’s a can’t miss event.

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Residential High Price Sticker Shock

Renters can expect to pay some of the highest rent amounts in the city. Uptown can fetch a premium, and rightfully so. The demand is so strong due to the popularity. And everyone knows that location means everything. Sticker shock can turn many renters away in the area.

How to Search for Accommodations

And if you are bringing pet(s) with you, you will be happy to know there are plenty of pet-friendly Uptown options. If your time is important to you, you might want to seek assistance in finding a place, especially if you are looking in this area. A good realtor or apartment locator who specializes in this area can really narrow down things for you. You can search online, but with all the communities in a small a small radius, it can take an eternity.

Other Popular Neighborhoods with Residences

If you are having trouble locating the perfect place, you should know there are many nearby areas which house many different options in different price ranges. Other neighborhoods of interest to you might be the Arts District, Oak Lawn rentals, Victory Park, the Medical District, and Knox Henderson apts. All of these areas boast apartments, shopping, an entertainment.

As your tour different communities, you will be offered specials. Management realizes the best time for you to lease one of their homes is directly after the tour. That is why you might see reduced rents, waived deposits, and even gift giveaways. You might get a better price in person as opposed to over the phone. These apartment communities want your business. Be sure to keep your eyes open, specifically looking for any incentives you can receive before you sign on the dotted line.

You probably don’t need a good reason to move to Uptown.  Everything you may possibly need to live is most likely within walking distance. Restaurants, retail shops, and grocery stores are present in almost every part of Uptown. There are the added bonuses like salons and spas that may cater to you.

The median age is in the low 30’s and the large majority isn’t married. This makes for the perfect combination of fun. Uptown caters to the young professional. And if that’s you then you will want to check it out!

Why Trust Rentkidz

Anytime you have a high concentration of apartments in one area, you want to engage in the services of someone you can assist you in a more efficient manner. A good Dallas apartment locator knows about specials and incentives that are offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

2 bedroom apartments in Uptown Dallas for $1800 or Less

It’s certainly doable in Uptown if that is what you are searching for. Post has a lot of apartments that should be in that price range. Check Carlisle on the Katy Trail as well. It’s an older property but it’s under that $1800 dollar figure