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Come see what high rise living in Midtown is all about. Our community boasts a plethora of floor-plans to choose from. All of our homes boast washer and dryers in every unit.

$ 1,550

Midtown Houston, TX City Guide

Before we get started, you should know that this is certainly one of the most popular places to rent property.  Midtown Houston apartments cater to young working professionals. Renters moving into the area should expect to pay amounts that are some of the highest in the city of Houston.  It is located southwest of apartments in Downtown Houston and is bordered by Neartown and Highway 59. Midtown was the only district (Texas) to experience negative growth from 1980 to 1990. Many complexes are also located next to the city’s light rail and offer an easy commute towards the Texas Medical Center. Clear Lake is accessible via I-45 to the South and Humble and Kingwood, TX towards the North.

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Although the neighborhood has transformed into a “hot” spot full of restaurants, clubs, and boutiques, it was not always this way. Around the 1970’s it was a neighborhood that was shaped and occupied by Vietnamese Americans. Many popular streets such as Travis and Milam closely mirrored Saigon.

However, around 1995 the city of Houston implemented the (TIRZ). This led to the establishment of high-end communities like Post Midtown Square and other town-home projects. And the decade between 1990 and 2000 the area saw a huge surge in population from just about 3,000 to over 5,300 residents.

Why Midtown Rents are High

Demand has led to high rents. This part of Houston continues to be one of the most sought after in the city. Expect to see new luxury complexes continuing to go up.

These high prices have also led to the decline of the number of Vietnamese businesses which used to dominate the area. Some might blame the recent construction of apartments, town-homes, and new establishments as the cause. Small business owners simply cannot afford the uptick in rent. Landowners and selling out to developers who are building up these modern and lavish communities.

Great Houston, TX Location

The good news is that Midtown is very walkable. As a resident you get access to exciting nightlife, clubs, and lots of bars.  Plus you will be near major employment centers and sports venues like Minute Maid Park. The Medical Center and Museum District provide great rental alternatives and have their own personality and culture. Midtown might be the top location for rentals in the city.

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Apartment Pricing in Midtown

Gone are the days of renting something for under $1000 per month. You are not going to find any cheap rentals here. The cheapest floor plans are the studio homes. Expect to pay in the $12000’s for a 1 bedroom.  2 bedrooms will start in the $1500’s.  Properties provide you with a some of the best nightlife and entertainment in the city.

If your looking for something less expensive, you won’t find it here. That will require you to look elsewhere. But we have got you covered.

Where to find Cheaper Apts

If you are shocked by the high pricing and it’s a little out of your budget, look south for better deals. Check out the Medical Center area for cheaper rents. You can acquire rentals there for $700-$800. Older properties almost always tend to charge less than their newer counterparts.  Try the Ventana at Midtown; it offers some of the most competitive rates for rentals in the area. Cheap options are extremely difficult to procure.

The large majority of apartments for rent in Houston are now charging for pet rent plus additional fees that are non-refundable.  It’s simply a new avenue of money that properties have found. There is really no getting around it. If you have the money to afford rentals in Midtown, there is nothing else like it in the city.

Private Home Alternatives

There are many townhomes for rent in Houston, but most are privately owned. Remember that when you opt for a private rental, that the upfront fees are almost higher. In many cases, you will be required to put up both your first and last months rent, and possibly an additional security deposit.  Maintenance issues may require more patience on your part. Sometimes items are not repaired as quickly. Midtown Houston apartments have maintenance staff on-site and repairs usually are completed much faster.

But a private place does have its advantages. For one, you usually get square footage for your dollar.  Also, you can expect more privacy.

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Why a locator might be for you

Realtors are also locators and might be just what you are looking for. They also have access to the HAR website and private rentals like townhomes. Their database of properties is a great resource to browse through.  They are constantly in contact with the communities in the area and are up to date on availability, live prices, specials, and much more

Live prices are one of the most important details in any apartment search. If prices seem to change daily, it’s because they do.