Apartments for rent in San Antonio TX

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San Antonio Market ReportData Accurate April 2020
Average Rental Price$978 month
Average Rental Size854 sq. ft.
Occupancy Rate89.7%
Operating Supply929 communities
198,222 units
Under Construction16 apartment complexes
4,120 units
Hottest MarketsThousand Oaks/Stone Oaks

San Antonio TX City Guide

For 2020, we can expect apartments in San Antonio to continue to be affordable than the other major metropolitan areas in the state of Texas. However, not as cheap as it used to be!

Rents in San Antonio compared to the major sister cities in the state continue to be cheap. The low pricing of apts and lofts allow renters to have more disposable income which is always a good thing.

If you have made it this far, chances are your moving here. Let us be the first to welcome you. This city is a bustling metropolis and is one of the fasted growing cities around the state of Texas. There are numerous apartments in different sections of San Antonio.  There are many great cheap rentals, as well as luxurious options that fetch a premium.  If you only know a little bit about the city, then you are probably aware of the Alamo and the Spurs, and that this city is full of Mexican and barbecue restaurants.

What you might not know is that SA is one of the largest cities in the entire state. It makes the top 10 list. And like many cities around Texas, it has many employment opportunities. Some fortune 500 companies that you might be aware of include Valero and USAA.

 San Antonio has a huge military presence and boasts a huge population of both active and retired personnel. Some of the renowned bases here include Joint Base San Antonio Fort Sam Houston

 There are plenty of attractions for just about anybody. Sea World and the Natural Bridge Caverns are just two examples of what awaits you.

It’s is also home to many universities like the University of Texas at San Antonio and private institutions like Trinity University.

downtown San Antonio apartments kitchen

Apartment Neighborhoods in San Antone

The River Walk is one of the most popular destinations in this city. It’s a complete set of walkways that meander around and that go on for miles. There are a plethora of shops and restaurants which draw residents from all over. It’s one of the main tourist attractions in the entire state of Texas. If you love culture, art, and even beer, this is definitely the place to start.

pool in a San Antonio apt complex

Outdoor San Antonio Activities

If you enjoy biking, running, or just strolling around, then your going to love it here, weather permitting. Did you know there are a plethora of trails around the city? There are even bike lanes designed exclusively for those on two wheels.

While your living here, you have to tube on the Guadalupe River. Especially in the hot summer months, it’s a great way to beat the heat. The drop off point is just 12 miles away from New Braunfels. There are also plenty of lakes, parks, scuba diving, and camping opportunities to engage in. What’s not to love here.

Any time you move to a city the size of this one, you know that there will be a myriad of new choices. The more choices you have the more difficult it it seems to be able to make a rental decision. Many renters don’t even know where to start.

How to Find the Best Apts in SATX

Whatever you do, don’t submit an application after viewing the first place on your list. Unless you know its perfect for you and your budget, it’s best to keep your options open. San Antonio apartment rentals are extremely affordable, so this should bring a smile to your face. You might be shocked at what rent goes for in Downtown. How does around $600 for a 1 bedroom apartment in the downtown area sound to you? Plus there may be additional move-in specials. Two, and three bedroom options are all available.

But if you keep your options open, you might even find and secure rentals for even less. But as with any apt search, you want the space that best meets your needs. If the price is great, but the location doesn’t meet your needs, then you won’t be happy. Many renters usually get set on the price. Remember that apts will require a security deposit and admin fee.

Get Help: Find a Rental from a Locator

With that being said, you might want to use the services of an expert. Have you ever considered an apartment locator who is familiar with the area? They can send you customized lists, escort you to the properties, and assist you throughout the entire process. They can also help you secure other options like townhomes and condos.

Craigslist can be a great resource for a private apartments in San Antonio TX. There will be plenty of listings to keep you busy. It’s a great resource to compare different housing options.

Best Neighborhoods in San Antonio


With the River Walk, the Alamo, lots of restaurants, bars, and other entertainment, living in the center of town has never been so easy.  Downtown apartments for rent are very affordable when compared to other major metropolitan areas. It’s pedestrian friendly and continues to thrive.

Alamo Heights

One of the oldest areas complete with historical significance, here you will discover plenty of winding roads and shopping destinations. Alamo Heights rentals are a huge draw for families

Stone Oak

Perfect for those of you looking for the suburbs. Families looking to send their kids to quality public schools might consider this neighborhood in north San Antone.  Residents have access to the popular anchor stores. It’s a master planned community with gated access and great landscaping.

King William

Also known as Southtown. It’s located South of Downtown Duh!  If you don’t want a ranch style home then this is the place.  There are lots of mom and pop shops and streets to walk. It used to be a very affordable place to live. But houses prices have soared.

Important Lease Details

  • Always consider commute times. I-35 can become totally backed up with lots of traffic. So be sure to check out how long your drive will be. And that probably answers your question about public transportation. There is not any way around it. You will need your own vehicle.
  • The majority of apt complexes will require that you make usually around 2.5 to 3.5 times the monthly rent. This is separate from specials and any deposits that you might need to put down.
  •  It’s not the greatest idea to sign a lease at the first property you view. You are going to find a great rate on your next rental. Just make sure you have the right neighborhood, and you can verify the commute will be bearable. You never know, you might find accommodations that are close enough to bike to your school or place of employment. As you tour different properties, your going to get a good idea of what you like and what you want. That’s why it’s so important to look around first.

San Antonio high rise

downtown San Antonio skyline at night

Typical Apartment Utility Rates

Your electricity bill will spike in the summer. There is no way around it. Your bill will depend on a variety of factors including square footage and insulation. There is no way to predict the exact amount. Expect to pay over $100 per month in the summer. It could even be more depending on how cool you like to keep it inside. November through April will be the cheapest as  Fall and Winter temps make their way into Texas.

If you feel like your rent is too high,  realize that there are plenty of cheap rentals to check out.  It’s one of the most affordable cities to live in Texas. Dallas, on the other hand, is way more expensive.  San Antonio properties are quite cheap compared to cities in the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there apartment rentals in San Antonio with small yards?

Check out Platinum Shaven Oaks. Some of their units have private yards. Laurel Canyon also have select homes with them as well.

Any Apartments that will let me pay rent in full and not prove income?

That is going to be hard today. As most larger  communities are owned by corporations. They will want to verify your income in the vast majority of cases.